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Entertainment: Rebellion The Recaller wins 2021 Best African Artist Award in Germany

Gambian dancehall sensation, Rebellion The Recaller has won the Best African Artist award in Germany for 2021. The award which was organised by AfroNews/Ortel Mobile took place in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday, 23rd October 2021.

Rebellion The Recaller won 2021 Best African Artist Award in Germany

Rebellion rose to fame when he released his hit song "We Must Rebel” in 1999 form the album “DEPARTING FROM THESE DAYS” following the release of his first song, ONE FOR ONE (Praise the Mighty One). The hit song We Must Rebel went on to be the highest selling single record by a Gambian artist when it stayed in the Top 10 charts in The Gambia and Senegal for months when it was released.

Rebellion went on to release his first international album”Movie On” under IMMusic. The album include hit song “Grow With Me”, Is It True” and “Voice Of My People” and went on to perform shows in Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, continental Europe and across Africa. He was to be be nominated as Gambia’s most recognised international artist. He received a Gold Record for his song “ Vil Luut” together with Reggae artist Phenomena of Switzerland.

Rebellion also won Best Solo Artist of the year in 2001 and 2006, and Best International and Solo Artist in Africa for 2008. He went on to release yet another masterpiece album, In This Time filled with inspiring lyrics that spoke about contemporary issues of the day.

Reacting to the award, Rebellion The Recaller told GunjurOnline that he is overwhelmed by the award as it gives him a sense of international recognition and thanked everyone who voted for him.

The nomination and then to winning the award means the support of his fans especially in Gambia where it all began has been immense and he extend his thanks and appreciations to his uncle and manager who has been very supportive working tirelessly to ensure that he realises his dreams through his music.

”I give thanks to all the fans who have taken their time spread the news to their friends and familes to vote for me, so really my gratitude towards them is so big, full compliments to them for having expressed their love to me.“

Rebellion The Recaller's Manager, Buba Gassama (Middle) receiving the award


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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