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Electricity transformer at Gunjur market is danger to the public

The NAWEC electricity transformer at Gunjur market which is right next to the central mosque and facing a busy market square is a threat to life and property.

NAWEC transformer at Gunjur market

This has been a cause for concern for the people of Gunjur for a while as the transformer continue to behave in a way similar to the one at Gunjur beach, which eventually exploded causing damage to properties in thousands of Dalasis when it caught fire.

In an open letter to Alpha Robinson, Managing Director of the utility corporation, Gunjur Ward Councillor Hon. Momodou Charreh Gibba lamented:

We have made several reports to NAWEC in the past concerning the erratic behaviour of this transmitter but still we are not comfortable with the unusual noise that comes from this transmitter.”(sic)

On the potential danger the transformer poses to the public due to it’s unusual charactrastics, the pragmatic councillor warned: “In respect to this situation, I would like to inform you that Gunjur has suffered and registered a huge loss in a similar fire incident at the Gunjur fish landing site where shops and a taxi car were burnt to ashes as a result of the transmitter that caught fire.” (sic)

Councillor Gibba concluded his open letter with an appeal to the NAWEC boss for the relocation of the transformer in the interest of public safety.

His words: “Mr Director, we appeal to NAWEC to kindly relocate this transmitter from the Gunjur central mosque. This transmitter has been misbehaving for a while now, and we cannot afford to undergo another fire disaster. The taxi car that was burnt to ashes is still not yet compensated. The Owner _ Abdoulie Janneh made several visits to NAWEC to look for compensation but to no avail. Now our community is hereby threatened by another blast and smoke from your transmitter. NAWEC should consider relocating this transmitter to somewhere otherwise NAWEC will be solely held responsible for any further fire disaster or losses from this point.“ (sic)

It could be recalled that a few years ago, a NAWEC transformer at the Gunjur fish landing site caught fire and exploded thereby causing damages to shops and a taxi vehicle was burnt to ashes. Miraculously, no life was lost, albeit thousands of dalasis worth of goods were lost. The fish landing site transformer was behaving in a similar fashion to the Gunjur market transformer.

NAWEC transformer (pictured) caught fire at Gunjur beach

NAWEC must act now to avert any potential damages to properties or life.

Over to you Alpha Robinson.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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