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Ebrima Sillah distances himself from plot to remove President Barrow

By Sainey Darboe:

The Minister of Information, Ebrima Sillah, has disassociated himself from orchestrated efforts to bring the rule of President Adama Barrow to a screeching halt.

Gambian Information Minister Ebrima Sillah
Gambia's Minister of Information, Ebrima Sillah says he will not be part of any plots to remove President Barrow from Office as coalition President

While delivering a speech at the State House during a presidential meeting with delegates from across the country, Ebrima Sillah said he declined to be part of efforts to end the presidency of Adama Barrow due in no small part to his aversion to “destruction of what we have created together”.

He added:

“From 2016 since Adama Barrow was selected by coalition members they handed him the obligation of developing the country. They tasked him to go about this with respect and deference for human rights. Since he came to power no one can say they have lost their chicken or being kept incommunicado by the president’s people. People used to go missing in this country in broad day light and that’s the kind of lawlessness Barrow has ended.

I was part of the diaspora fighting for that change of which Fabou Sanneh is a witness. I told them (people agitating for Barrow’s removal) that we selected the leader and if they want to scorn the food we all cooked together they will see others eating from the bowl and they can do nothing about it”.

Anticipating political jostling and jousting for the biggest price in Gambian politics ahead of 2021 elections, Ebrima Sillah urged the president to steel himself for the potentially jarring process. His words:

“I would exhort President Barrow not to fear anything for because he fought successfully against President Jammeh with dignity and valor and that’s what he should continue.

Less than one year after the elections the political parties started going their separate ways. I will never be part of that. I swear and Allah knows Mr. President I am not following you for position, fame or fortune”.

The chief image maker for The Gambia government further disclosed that he had placed his job on the line at the United Nations in favor of change during the electioneering process in 2015, and he would not spin around to sabotage that change.

He added:

“Alkali Conteh who is sitting right here was our UDP diaspora chairman. Three months before the elections in 2015 I was in Nigeria working for the UN and it’s not allowed to get involved in politics while doing international job. I was reported to my boss and I told him we were rescuing our country.

We made strenuous efforts to bring this government to power and now people want us to come together to remove it. We will not do it. This is a revolutionary government akin to a storm and if you don’t want to be part of it and try to sabotage it you will fail and end up in shame”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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