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Disaster struck as three Quran memorisation students at Gunjur Sand Mosque die

Massive disaster has struck the Gunjur Sand Mosque Quran Memorisation School yet again as three students die as they went swimming in the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The bodies of Njaka Fam, Muhammad Joof and Abubacarr Sanneh were recovered as Police mount investigations into the exact circumstances of their death. This sad event occurred on Saturday, November 18th 2023.

Gunjur beach Sand Mosque is also home to Quran Memorisation School where children as young as five are housed and taught to memorise the Holy Quran

Yesterday’s terrible event follows series of similar incidents since the inception of the school at the sand mosque. Local activist had been raising concerns about health, safety and general cleanliness of the facility, but these concerns have been dismissed and activists labwlwd as loud mouth louts and anti-Islam. 

This is contrary to the facts, the place is unkempt, filthy and overcrowded. Due to the massive student/teacher ratio at Quran Memorisation School, teachers are struggling to keep an eye on all the students majority of the times. 

In 2022, Gunjuronline reported another death at the school when a student fell to his death from the first floor and landing on the hard rocks at the base of the mosque. In October this year, another student stored-away in would-be migrant boat heading to Spain from Gunjur beach. That fateful boat ended up in Mauritania, seven occupants of that boat lost their lives but luckily for this student, he survived this ordeal and had since been reunited with his family and back to the same school. 

There has been other dangerous occurances where injuries of different grades were sustained. Overcrowding and spread of communicable diseases are also rife in the facility. It it is about time parents, school authorities and local authorities come together to have serious discussion about the continuity of the school at its current location in the phase of genuine health and safety concerns.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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