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Gunjur Beach Mosque in sexual harassment scandal, as women relate ordeal

Multiple women have related stories of sexual harassment at Gunjur beach mosque by a man ‘who takes women into the bush’ in the guise of giving them spiritual bath.

Gunjur sand mosque where people come to pray for various reasons

The alleged assailant is a long time sojourner at the mosque.

One of the victims, Mariama Gaye (not her real name) relates her ordeal to Gunjuronline.

“ I was told about the holy mosque by my cousin when I visited from the UK. I did different rituals and this man came and took me to the bushes. I was scared, but my cousin told me it’s good because the man is holy and had chosen me which is a good sign.

Once in the bushes, he stripped me naked and started washing me with supposedly holy water. It was all so sudden and surreal to me”.

The experience, she added, left her paralyzed. “It felt weird to me, but my cousin made me feel it’s okay. I went back to the UK and didn’t talk about it until now. I felt compelled to share to protect others”.

An eyewitness who talked to Gunjuronline on the condition of anonymity expressed horror at witnessing a separate incident.

She disclosed: “I saw him with my own eyes dragging women into the bushes and stripping them naked. He is clearly a pervert and possibly mentally ill. It’s not safe to allow him to be at that place”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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