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CommIT FC sanctioned, as GSC adopts tough stance on indiscipline

 CommIT FC - banned for two years from competing in Gunjur Nawettan football

Disciplinary measures taken against individuals, as Red Star also penalised. With the group stage matches yet to be completed, several individuals were charged and punished for unsporting behaviours, while CommIT FC faced a two year suspension and Red Star Penalised for using an ineligible player against Reliance FC in the Super Cup. CommIT FC are banned two years from taking part in Gunjur nawettan with a fine of D3,000 after their supporters attacked the referee in their one nil lost to ten men Blaness FC in a game that has twenty minutes left of normal time to play.

Red Star FC - lost the Super Cup Crown following an appeal by Reliance FC

In a separate case Red Star FC who beat Reliance on penalties after a goalless stalemate to clinch the Super Cup crown are penalised after Reliance lodged an appeal case over the eligibility of Fasanna Barrow who was on a red card coming into that game. Fasanna has been sent off in their opening group game against CommIT, but went on to play in a subsequent game which was the Super Cup as the league commences without the Super Cup been played. The Super Cup trophy and the prize money of D9,000 will now be taken from Red Star and handed to Reliance, while the Reliance consolation prize of D6,000 will go in the opposite end.

Reliance FC - now Super Cup winners following an appeal against Red Star FC

Several individuals are also fined for unsporting acts. Sarjo Sambou Halifax FC net-minder is fined D1,000 for using abusive language against referee, failure to pay will lead to a two game suspension. Santos FC fans are also fined D300 for using foul words against the match officials in their one nil defeat to Ajax. Red star FC fans are also charged D300 for their behavior agaist Reliance in the Super Cup. Kebba Ngom a fan of Gamrock FC faced a charge of D150. While Lamin Saho of Blaness and Lamin Jarju of Sibindinto FC also faced similar charges. Basiru Touray a fan of CommIT FC is banned from entering the field for the rest of the season.

 Referees at the centre of the banning of CommIT FC

This year's Gunjur Sports Committee disciplinary committee comprises of team representatives who make all the rulings in any disciplinary case.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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