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Caplor Horizons leadership and management training ends in Gunjur

A one day training on leadership and management has ended in Gunjur on Monday 4th November at the offices of Trust Agency For Rural Development (TARUD). The training saw 12 participants from Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and local businesses in Gunjur and satellite settlements.

The November 4th training was the second of series of training sessions designed to build capacities of leaders in the community to help them collaborate to complement one another through engagement and communication. The training was organised by TARUD in collaboration with a UK based non-profit organisation Caplor Horizons who funded and delivered the training.

The first of the training in August saw 20 community leaders trained in leadership and management skills for a sustainable future, with the second session concluding on Monday 4th November. These will be followed by a third session in January 2020.

Speaking to Gunjur Online, Bai Jabang, Executive Director of Tarud revealed that the training was initiated by Tarud who approached Caplor Horizons to fund and deliver the training to help inspire and equip community leaders with the requisite skills to promote sustainable community development through collaboration to ensure that they can complement one another’s efforts.

Mr Jabang highlighted TARUD’s two main projects which are run in partnership with United Purpose – a UK based organisation involved in efforts to end global poverty through community-led and grassroots innovation projects to empower communities and individuals to promote sustainable development.

TARUD and United Purpose run the bio-fortification and the NEMA projects which cover the Weston Coast Region from Foni to Kombo Central. The projects involve seven horticultural gardens in these regions aimed at promoting availability of better nutrition for rural communities especially women and children to fight against nutrition decencies in the Gambia.

On what he hopes the trainees will take out of the leadership and management training, Tarud Executive Director Jabang advised participants to to utilise the leadership skills acquired from the training to unite the various CBOs and by extension the community of Gunjur for a more meaningful community development. His words: “ Gunjur Community based organisations through their leaderships should find time to recognise one another, endeavour to collaborate to promote one people, one Gunjur mantra”

Also speaking to Gunjur Online on the training, course participant and community youth activist Essa Sumareh has this to say:

” The training was conducted in a very conducive environment and the moderators are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. The training we received is free of charge which normally cost thousands of dalasis is in private institutions, so we are grateful to Tarud for organising these leadership trainings.”

Mr Sumareh who attended both series one and two training sessions concludes by urging his fellow participants to ensure that they complete the training series so that they gain valuable knowledge in leadership and management at zero cost to them as beneficiaries.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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