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Bundung Maternal & Child Health Hospital partners with InnovaRx Global Health

Bundung Maternal and Child Hospital has partnered with InnovaRx Global Health (IGH) for the digitalisation of the hospital’s medical records.

Photo: Dr Ismaila Badjie of IGH with staff of MBCHH

The move, aimed at achieving the Gambia’s zero maternal mortality rate goal is a welcomed partnership between the Bundung based maternal and child hospital and the newly established Gambia subsidiary of IGH.

Reacting to the partnership, the hospital twitted:

“We are super excited to be partnering with @innovarxglobal to digitalize our medical record.

This breakthrough is gear towards achieving our zero #MaternalMortalityRate goal  in The #Gambia.”

On their part, InnovaRx Global Health has this to say about the partnership with the Bundung hospital:

“Our AGASTHA electronic health record system is world class and we are ready to build the future of #Gambia healthcare now.

@BMCHH19 we commend you for being a model institution of excellence ready to embrace the digitalization needed to improve healthcare efficiency & outcomes!”

The system if implemented as planned will empower both health care workers and patients.

InnovaRx Global Health was founded for the purpose of bridging the gap in healthcare services globally. To be the leading catalyst in creating sustainable healthcare solutions that will minimize the disparity in healthcare through the distribution of quality medications, products, and devices; management of chronic medical conditions, medical training of healthcare providers and promotion of overall patient health and wellness. IGH’s mission is to transform healthcare delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa through accessible, affordable & innovative, patient-centered healthcare. The company is currently operating in Charlotte, NC, US, and The Gambia, West Africa. The Gambia subsidiary of InnovaRx Global is a multidimensional conglomerate of health care services aimed at making modern pharmaceutical products and services available to the West African population and subsequently the entire African region. IGH-GAMBIA paves the way for a first of its kind modern and innovative approach to healthcare management in times of great need and demand for services aimed at effectively managing non-communicable diseases and access to quality medication.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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