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Behold! The warrior unnamed - A tribute by Mambuna Bojang

One with the divine sword that causes the fiercest of enemies to tremble and shake.

One with an impenetrable armour forged with an unalloyed love making him stand taller than the strongest army; imaginable

Dignity he represents as he welcomes with pride the rays of the scorching sun and bears the deepest wounds of the battles; indelible.

To put bright smiles on my little face, he finds no foe; indomitable

Let mountains wave hands high in the sky and let the clouds laugh and hail with cries the name of my warrior; unconquerable.

Gave birth to me with pride and made me feel the warmth of true love; unbreakable

There he lives in the thicker ventricle of my heart carrying the oxygen of his love homogeneously mixed in my blood separating which is impossible.

Let the stars hide their faces in shame for not even the mighty sun shines brighter than my warrior's sword unleashed.

Please retreat O' foes for indeed, your defeat has been officially declared by the infallible

chirping birds because of just a glance of the warrior unmatched.

Tolerated many insults and received many _knocks_ .

You used the natural wheels O' warrior mine whenever those of your car got _stuck_ .

You would neither slow down nor stop even if your blood got _sucked_ .

On your journey to provide the best for me, you spent every _buck_ .

You still brought something home even if the market was out of _stock_ .

You sailed through the sea to find the best location free from obstacles for me to germinate and *shine* .

Let me give you the perfectly edited news bulletin that the seed you sowed has germinated in *delight* .

Emitting profusely a plane polarized *light* .

It is not the best to germinate but it is one of a *kind* .

It asked me to thank you which will never be enough to compensate your love and *time* .

As much gratitude, it said it will show, as it can *combine* .

It's proud to be a a product of the Segacious Warrior, still UNNAMED!💕🥺

Editors note: Mambuna Bojang is the son of former YSB/Sibindinto and Gunjur prolific left winger, Buba Bada Bojang

Mambuna Bojang (Right) pays tribute to his father, Buba Bada Bojang


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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