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BE REEL to run second component of “Julaya-silo” business training for women groups 

Following the success of of the business training sessions in the community, BE REEL is set to provide business training to entrepreneurs with limited formal education. 

The move follows positive feedback from the community that BE REEL is now set to pilot the training for some women groups in Gunjur.

Buba K. Touray, Programme Director of BE REEL said:

“We are thrilled to announce that we have positively evaluated the feedback received from the community suggesting that BE REEL should provide similar business training for participants with limited education, as a result, we have responded positively to pilot a new programme to support people with a lower education starting with some women groups. 

BE REEL is set to run the second pilot of our newest component called ‘Julaya-silo’ in the community. We are not only strengthening our support but also renewing our commitment to providing business education and training to local entrepreneurs by removing some hurdles preventing them from assessing our business training programme.  In the past, some participants were restricted from participating in our programme because they had limited, or no English language skills. 

We believe that level of education or gender should not prevent anyone from taking part in our programme. This recent move is also aligned with our inclusive policy which covers everyone. In fulfillment of this policy, we are ensuring that we do not only serve but also reach out to the diverse community regardless of their ages, level of education, gender, tribe, religion, or location. 

Our new training manual is tailored for entrepreneurs who are less privileged to read, write, and speak English. 

This will provide free business education and related training and support, allowing some potential participants with lower or no educational background to fully participate in our new programme called ’Julaya-silo’ This program  is run by an inspirational and dynamic young female entrepreneur who equally doubles as programme officer for BE REEL, Ms. Mansey Jabang. 

As a young charitable organization, we do not dump your feedback, instead, we compile them for evaluation as a way of improving the quality of delivery, keep them please, come what may. They are of greater value as they are important to us.”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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