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9th Edition of BE REEL Micro Business training ends in Gunjur

Business | Gunjur | 7th June 2024 |

On Thursday, 6th June marked the end of the BE REEL 9th Edition Micro Business Training event in Gunjur.

BE REEL Programme Director Buba Touray at the training

Commenting on the outcome of the training sessions, Programme Director, Buba Touray wrote:

“The final day of the training witnessed a high level of interactive sessions and supportive discussions. An incredible exchange of Business ideas and knowledge contributed to the success of the day.”

On the training methodology of BE REEL, Mr Touray continued: Our unique teaching pedagogy which aims at not overloading the participants with the information but also involving them in the entire learning process supported by extra practical works and Interactive group discussions. The celebration for the 9th Micro-Business workshop event will take place on Saturday 8th June 2024 at Gunjur Project Lodge.

The BE REEL team will be providing some optional free of charge additional post training activities such as mentoring support and coaching as well as the sharing and networking events for ensuring that the participants start applying the knowledge and the skills gained from the training.”

Malick Jammeh, a young entrepreneur who attended the training is set to open a “Halal restaurant” in Gunjur

The four day training session attracted cross-section of the business and budding entrepreneurs in and around the sprawling coastal settlement of Gunjur. The recent training was the 9th time BE REEL has organised micro-business training facilities for the business community.

BE REEL (Building Empowerment: Rural Economic Engagement in Life) is a UK based charity working in The Gambia. It is registered in both the UK and in The Gambia.

On the motivation to set up the charity, BE REEL stated:

“The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world, with little indigenous industry and very high unemployment. There is little publicly funded vocational education or community development programmes.

In line with the national Gambia Government strategy, BE REEL contributes to building the economy from the ground up. Whilst we are a small charity, we help to reduce poverty by training people to set up and run sustainable micro-businesses, to live independent, healthy and meaningful lives. We work primarily in rural communities, with our current base in Gunjur, South-West of Gambia.

We are passionate in our belief that education underpins these development objectives.”

The charity was set up by Trevor Long and Nikki Swan, a husband and wife team, who fell in love with The Gambia and were asked by the community if they could use their professional skills in business training to help people in Gunjur develop their business skills.

Gunjur-born Buba Touray serves as Programme Director of the charity which operates from the Gunjur Project site at Gunjur beach Road.


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