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BE REEL business training for micro entrepreneurs ends in Gunjur

Twenty micro entrepreneurs have completed their business training as part of the BE REEL program at Gunjur Project. The training ran from 21-25 January, 2019.

 Photo: Participants at the BE REEL business training for micro entrepreneurs with their certificates

Speaking to GunjurOnline about the business training, Jo Austin Preece of Gunjur Project (Gambia) said: “I feel very happy and honoured for my institution to accommodate these wonderful events which will be very beneficial if the trainees make the best use of the training.” Advising the beneficiaries, Mrs Preece urged the participants to be serious, committed and use effective networking to help each other on their business endeavours. She concluded by saying that Gunjur Project (Gambia) is there for the communities to promote excellence in their various community activities. Mr Yusupha Saho, the Alikalo of Kaajabang thanked the Gunjur Project and the organisers of the business training as he gave the vote of thanks at the conclusion of the training programme. Nicola Swan and Trevor Long are the founders and sponsors of BE REEL who also facilitated the training. BE REEL is a registered charity in the UK, working in The Gambia. It was set up by Trevor Long and Nikki Swan, a husband and wife team, who fell in love with The Gambia and were asked if they could use their professional skills in business training to help people in Gunjur develop their business skills. Describing their efforts, the couple said: “Our aim is to provide business management training and support for those who do not have access to appropriate training due to levels of poverty and / or lack of schooling, with a view to developing more economically viable micro- businesses and trained managers, thereby improving income levels for participants, their families and the broader community, and reducing the desire of participants to emigrate to Europe. We work with participants helping them to develop confidence, knowledge, practical management skills and a mindset to start and grow micro-business, and improve their profitability. The topics covered include everything a business person will need to analyse a proposed business, and to improve existing businesses.To date three workshops of 4 1/2 days have been run for a total of 60 people. Participants range from electricians, welders and builders to shop retailers and wholesalers, gardeners, farmers, batik producers, barbers and hairdressers and cake and ice-cream sellers (amongst many other businesses)”.

The next workshop will be run from June 15 – 20, 2019 at Gunjur Project, Red Road, Gunjur. Applications will open nearer the time and will be announced on the BE REEL Facebook site: They added: “In the next six months we hope to be expanding the programme beyond just the workshops to employ a programme manager in Gunjur to help with the on-going development and support for participants setting up and running micro-businesses, together with continuing training/mentoring sessions 6-10 times per year creating a business hub for the network of micro business people”.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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