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Barrow under fire for meeting A.P.R.C big wigs

By Alhassan Darboe

President Adama Barrow has come under intense criticism for meeting the big wigs of A.P.R.C during their nationwide tour stop in Basse, Upper River Region. Writing on his Facebook page, Kemo Bojang the UDP national youth secretary said: “We expect leaders to be sensitive, we expect leaders to mourn with the people they swore to protect, to feel the plight of their people. Unfortunately, it seems this government does not care about the plight of its people. From having a gathering on the day of Solo Sandeng’s memorial and all victims of April 14, to today getting cosy with the same people who put us through that ordeal. “ The UDP youth firebrand added that as a country “we all want to see a united Gambia, people who will be able to forgive each other but we must always consider timing and when we do these things. Skeletons of victims were exhumed two days ago, victims continue to testify at the commission but it seems all that doesn’t matter. If we do not let justice be served, I am afraid for the future of our nation. President Barrow, Gambians have lost faith in your government!”

President Barrow talking to opposition APRC leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta in Basse

Also writing on Facebook, Pa Modou Bojang, a popular Gambian journalist and anchor of Mengbekering platform fumed, “Barrow is the president for all Gambians, but dining with perpetrators is shameful and disappointing... How come our president could not meet the families of the martyrdom, but felt it necessary to meet the leader of the party under whose watch this martyrdom happened?”

Mr. Bojang further wondered and counselled all at once, “the president should think twice before meeting the APRC at a logical gathering in Basse, while the country is mourning for the human bones discovered in a mass grave. Allah, pls save my country.”

Pata Pj Saidy Khan, a prominent U.S based U.D.P Facebook troll had no kind words for the president and he writes thus “Three days after the exhumation of skeletal remains of murdered soldiers, the appearance and testimony of Koro's sister, for that immature, fat, ungrateful president to meet with the APRC leadership on a provocative, taunting tour in the month that's one of the saddest in the annals of our recent history, whatever the circumstance, is at the very least insensitive.”


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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