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Bakawsu allies with ‘three years jotna’, as he lambasts Barrrow’s incompetence

By Sainey Darboe, Editor-in-Chief:

Strident Islamic cleric, Ba-Kawsu Fofana, has expressed support for the position of pressure group ‘three years jotna’ which is engaged in a maximum pressure campaign to make president Barrow step down in enforcement of an agreement with coalition partners.

President Barrow ascended to the presidency on the back of support from opposition parties with the explicit agreement to step down after three years. He has since fallen out with the coalition and insists on staying for five years, while indicating desire to seek another term in office which he rendered crystal clear by setting up a new political outfit, National Development Party.

Speaking in a Kerr Fatou exclusive aired over the weekend, Bakawsu declared:

“Adama Barrow should step down after the three years agreed with the coalition. He is a good person but he doesn’t have the competence to properly engage in politics or run a government. He was elected to make reforms but he doesn’t have the intelligence and competence to do well in the role of a politician and as head of government.

Adama is like big melon that is not ripe. He doesn’t have the chops to run a government and institute reforms. He should step down and organize elections. Even if he wants to run for another term he should organize elections after the agreed three years and people can decide if they want him to continue”.

Bakawsu also described Adama Barrow as a less than ideal candidate to preside over reforms after two decades of tyranny under former president Yahya Jammeh.

“Adama Barrow is not the right person to lead a government of change after president Jammeh because he never suffered or lost anything in the fight unlike other leaders of the opposition. Adama was never invested in the fight for human rights or change of government like the leaders of other political parties who fought for many years to bring change under Jammeh”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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