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Baba Leigh: Sex workers deserve help

Controversial Islamic scholar, Imam Baba Leigh, has declared sex workers deserve help to offer them relief for suffering occasioned by Covid -19 pandemic.

Speaking to Fatu Network following intense criticism for his position on the issue, he said:

Imam Baba Leigh has come under intense criticism for backing help to sex workers due to Covid-19

“They need it because they are Gambians.They need it because they are suffering.They need it because they deserve help regardless of how you label them regardless of their profession. That’s my belief. That doesn’t mean I’m right. But that doesn’t mean those who are condemning are right. Because as far as I am concerned I’m more concerned about my weakness rather than someone’s weakness.

I engage to give a better person than investigate others’ weakness.That itself is a weakness.It’s ignorance.If anyone know himself properly you have enough on your table to sort out.If the whole world is against Imam Baba Leigh and I have the conviction am right am happy with that”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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