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APS International to support ten charities in a new CSR scheme

APS International, formally Approve Services Ltd has launched a new scheme dubbed “Support Your Charity” as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Birmingham based online money transfer outfit that provides instant money transfer services worldwide aims to support/donate to ten charities whose activities are changing lives in The Gambia. The chosen charities both in The Gambia and diaspora will each receive D10,000 for the category winner and D5,000 for the second placed Christy.

announcing the launching of the new scheme, APS revealed:

“APS is launching a scheme called “Support Your Charity”. The scheme is aimed at helping charities to support their charitable works across communities in The Gambia. This scheme is open to any charity both in the diaspora or Gambia that do their charitable interventions in The Gambia.

This year, we want to change the way we donate to charities and our strategy is to separate our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from our Sponsorship activities. This scheme is purely a CSR drive and we would like our Customers and the Public in general to help us choose 10 charities they think deserves support by voting for their charity of choice. The charities that receive the highest votes in each category will each get D10,000.00 and their runner ups will each receive D5,000.00donation from APS. We believe that this will be a fairer way to donate to charities that are important to our valued customers and ensure that every charity gets equal opportunity.“

APS International, known for supporting various charitable causes, supporting Gambians both at home and diaspora hopes that charities they support in the new scheme would be the ones their customers and the wider public nominates. The company further states:

“APS is a company that takes pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility in giving back to the community and passionate about supporting charities. But it is equally difficult if not at times impossible to support every request we receive. The scheme will provide an opportunity to our Customers and the Public to vote for charities of their choice even though all charities are doing amazing work in their own intervention areas and winners will be selected purely by votes at the same time creating a level playing field for all.”

In the new scheme, Ten (10) charities will benefit from this scheme and nominations are NOW OPEN and runs until 14thth February 2020.

Voting Period: 21st February – 20th March 2020

Winners will be announced: 27th March 2020.

Charity Associations or Groups who are engaged in charitable works in The Gambia and would like to be part of this scheme, may send APS a brief description about their charity and what it does in not more than 100 words to:

You can choose to add your charity website or Facebook page in the description to enable the company to find out more about your activities.

In your email to APS, please indicate which of the following categories best describe your Charity as your charity can only be under one category. Health Education Poverty Relief Community Association Others


Click on the Link below to Nominate your favourite Charity:


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