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American entrepreneur pledges support to people with disabilities in Africa

Eric Patrick Thomas, an American entrepreneur has called for greater efforts to brainstorm on ways to better support people with disabilities, while offering to provide mentorship support to people needing help in Africa.

Eric Patrick Thomas hopes to support disabled people in Africa

Speaking on The Sisters Show over the weekend, Eric who was shot 23 years ago and paralyzed from the neck down believes disabilities shouldn’t preclude people from achieving their goals in life.The topic of discussion was ‘Disability as Inspiration’.

His words: “The key word, like you said, is the how. How is like a building block of an answer to this goal.How keeps going, how keeps building. Lets find the how.Let’s have a nice...everybody share your answers, let’s brainstorm.Let’s have a white board as they call it. Let’s get out the ideas.Let’s find a way. The goal there is the care. How do we get to that goal.Everything you could possibly think of people,from sponsors,something that’s out of the box. Maybe the people there don’t get four wheel chairs. How can we do four wheel chairs...maybe people will sponsor wheel chairs,maybe they will advertise on wheel chairs. What is it that we can do? Maybe it’s clean water.

How do we get clean water? It’s always the how. That’s what you gotta figure out. That’s what I had to figure out the whole time. Because disability,when you are on there,you don’t have an insurance case or a work man’s comp or something-you are on limited income.So you have to figure it out so how can I get that wheel chair,how can I get a house? When people say can’t it’s over. You killed that dream.If anybody wants to reach out to me,as you said there are some viewers in Africa that are on limited resources, just reach out to me.We can do like a zoom thing.I can mentor you”.

The Sisters Show airs every Saturday at 8:00PM GMT, 4:00PM EST.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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