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Almammy: Barrrow has forgotten people who died for him to become president

UDP spokesman, Almammy Taal, has accused president Barrow of forgetting beyond recall the supreme sacrifices of people who died for him to become president.

President Barrow led a coalition of parties and independent candidate to defeat Yaya Jammeh in 2016

Speaking on Kerr Fatu, Almammy Taal bristled at Barrow’s promotion of the idea that he clinched the ‘presidency because of his personal gravitas’.

He added:

“Barrow was the deputy treasurer of UDP that’s why he was not in prison. The attempt of Yahya Jammeh was to destroy UDP. If you cannot do that we see your game plan, we have our own game plan. Mrs. Aunty Yam Secka gave the opportunity to the younger generation to lead the party and that’s how Barrow became flag bearer.

All the things that have happened to Mr. Barrrow is because he is a member of UDP. This is a very simple equation. When he goes and stands before people and talk like that-am amazed you people take that and say that he has a point. What point does he have? Clearly it’s an attempt to delude people about the political history of this country. People died for this country to change and people seem very happy to forget about that”.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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