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Adama Jarjue: Daughters of Gambia Motivates Girls in Education and Environmental Awareness

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Wednesday 22 July | Yero S. Bah

It is an old adage that, behind every successful man there is a woman and women constitute over half of the Gambia’s population. Therefore, the molding and preparation of this segment of our society is imperative in the attainment of the country’s blueprints.

One such young Gambian lady entangled in that crusade is Mrs. Adama Jarju, a native of Sifoe village in Kombo South. She established the Daughters of the Gambia organization in January 2019 which offers mentorship and motivational support to young girls by encouraging and supporting them to concentrate on setting up and achieving their goals in life through academic and sporting excellence.

Mrs Adama Jarju, Founder / CEO of Daughters of The Gambia

According to the founder, the members of the organization are mentoring young girls on public speaking skills, running of debate competitions for girls, career motivation, environmental protection, education and gender conscious awareness campaigns, as well as organizing sporting activities within the settlement of Sifoe village, adding that Daughters of the Gambia also conducts regular cleansing exercises both in Sifoe and at the beach in Gunjur village in partnership with other youth-led organizations.

Mrs Jarju explained that, it is of paramount importance to educate the younger generation about the potential effects of climate change and the possible dangers that human activities possess to the environment as well as the ecosystem of our planet as early as possible to inculcate these environmental consciousness in them to avoid deforestation, desertification and other forms of environmental degradations in the future. “Having a clean and greener environment means having better health conditions for people.”

The CEO of Daughters of the Gambia added that, her organization in partnership with the Village Development Committee of Sifoe (VDC) are planning for a massive tree planting exercise along the Sifoe highway to naturally beautify the village on August 8th 2020, saying the village needs some ornamental plants to make the settlement naturally attractive with trees.

She noted that, they need at least 250 trees for the first phase as they plan to make it a yearly environmental activity to contribute their quota to climate change mitigation endeavors in Kombo South and beyond.

Mrs. Jarju finally called on the natives of the village and the Kombos to support them financially to be able to realize this tree planting exercise as well as the goals of Daughters of The Gambia saying the organization is there to involve and benefit every young girl in Sifoe and the neighboring communities as they embark on molding these young stars into productive women in society.


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