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A marriage made in heaven, Pa Mambuna and Bintou Cham Bojang

Former Young Soccer Brothers (YSB)/Sibindinto and Gunjur midfield general, Pa Mambuna O. Bojang on Friday celebrated 22 solid years of blessed marriage to his rock of a wife in Ajaratou Bintou Cham Bojang. The Brikama born Ajaratou‘s hallmark smiles, care, love and above all, beautiful and peaceful nature means the Sibindinto‘s midfield giant is all smiles!

Pa Mambuna and Bintou Cham Bojang have been married for 22 years

Celebrating the milestone, the stylist midfielder who was a joy to watch play football for club and town shared his joy with friends and family in a Facebook post.

“ Alhamdu lillah, today marks 22 years of blessed marriage to the world's most beautiful, loving, caring, peaceful and amazing woman, Ajaratou Bintou Cham Bojang. I could not have asked Allah (swt) for a better life partner. Thank you Brikama Cham and Njie kunda families for giving me the one and only Bintou Cham Bojang. For 22 years, I walk into a home filled with that friendly and welcoming smile each and every day from work.”

GunjurOnline contacted Mr Bojang to share the wisdom with our readers especially the young ones, the secret to long and a happy matrimonial home.

He offered these words:

“ Quoting Omar Bun Khatab (RA), "After faith (Iman) the best blessing is to have a good wife", I can only say I have the 'best blessing'. With no expertise as a counselor in the sacred institution of marriage, I humbly urge our young couples to exercise Patience, Tolerance, Love, Care, Sincerity, Honesty and Respect for one another. As always, I profoundly thank GunjurOnline for keeping us abreast with current affairs in our dear community, country and beyond.  Ening bara, Lamin.“

For those old enough and fortunate to have the opportunity to watch Pa Mambuna or Mams (as he was fondly referred to) play for club and Gunjur town team, the dynamic midfield maestro always inspires whenever he pulls on the shirt.

GunjurOnline is confident that Mambuna O’s success in the matrimonial setting will inspire our young couples, just like he inspires us all on and off the pitch.

Congratulations Pa Mambuna O. Bojang for this phenomenal milestone.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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