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300 Sea Turtle hatchlings released into sea in Gunjur on Saturday

The Gunjur Conservation Society on Saturday evening released over 300 turtle hatchlings into their natural habitat at Gunjur beach.

Over 300 turtle hatchlings were released back into the sea in Gunjur on Saturday evening

The event attracted scores of people from across the country including Gambian economist and political commentator, Nyang Njie who also describes himself as an “accidental activist”. The Turkish Councillor in The Gambia was also in attendence and was given tye honour to release the first turtle back into the ocean. Also in attendance at the release of the sea turtles into the sea was businessman and politician Rafi Diab of Citizens Alliance Party, among others. Mr Diab expressed his happiness and thanked the conservation society and environmental activists for what they are doing in the community. As a potential government in waiting, Rafi Diab said his party, Citizens Alliance attached great importance to the protection of environment as its critical for generations yet unborn to benefit from gains of a good and health environment.

The Gunjur beach Sea Turtle Conservation project is a collaboration between the Gunjur Conservation Society, Eco Travel Gambia and local eco lodge, Dalaba Eco Lodge.

According to data from the Gunjur Conservation Society, over 4000 turtle eggs were collected from the field in 2020 nesting season. Over 300 of Green turtle (Chelonia mydas) specie hatchlings were released into the sea on Saturday evening with the help of hundreds of volunteers and environmental conservationists. 

Speaking to GunjurOnline’s Fabai Janneh, Nyang Njie expressed his delight in seeing what the young people of Gunjur are doing to preserve and protect their environment amid the continuous environmental degradation as a result of the operations of a fish meal factory by Golden Lead.

Economist and political commentator, Nyang Njie

Nyang Njie called on Gambian youths to replicate the efforts of Gunjur youths in National development. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, Njie concluded, quoting former American President, JF Kennedy. Also speaking to GunjurOnline reporter Fabai Janneh, Ahmed Manjang appealed for collaboration with the Gunjur Conservation Society to ensure that the data collected for the sea turtle hatchery is preserved for posterity. This requires an acquisition of a good laptop so that data can be electronically stored. Manjang thanked the volunteers who have been collecting the eggs and hatching them for release back into their natural habitat.

Environmental activist, Ahmed Manjang


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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