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Fatou Rahman Coker to set up own party, running for president

Gambian social media celebrity and C.E.O of Elite Media Fatoumatta Rahman Coker has made known her plans to set up her own political party to run for President of The Gambia. Revealing her plans on her Facebook page, Fatou said: “I have decided to form and register my political party, The Gambia For All (GFA). As we speak right now, mobilization is being made to put out the names of the members and staff of the party. My campaign Manager will put out the party manifesto and all the necessary documents”.

The Sweden based Elite Media C.E.O also seek prayers and support from her followers as she sets out to become the first ever president of The Gambia. She concludes: “meanwhile, may Allah guide me through this journey and am looking for your support as one Gambia to bring about the change that we are looking for. Stay tuned for more information”.

Speaking to Gunjur News Online, the Elite Media boss confirmed the story and assured this medium that more details will be released soon, adding “I will talk when am ready” when asked to give further details.

Elite Media C.E.O Fatoumatta Rahman Coker to set up party and run for President of The Republic of The Gambia

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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