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APRC suffering from cash crisis, financial mismanagement - Bakso Jaiteh

APRC as a party is broke and suffering from serious financial mismanagement, a WhatsApp audio from an ex APRC executive has revealed. Speaking in a WhatsApp audio, Bakary Jaiteh AKA Bakso accused the APRC executive of using ordinary party militants as cash cows to fund their lavish life styles while leaving the party bankrupt and ungovernable. His words: “since our inception, membership card and ‘Ashobi’ payment proceeds, a butut or dime never reached the coffers of APRC as a party. The reality is that few APRC executives are using the party money to fund their own survival”. Bakary Jaiteh who yesterday resigned as APRC Administrative Secretary also revealed sinister plots by Rambo Jatta to take over APRC party leadership. “we have to be very careful with Rambo. He is the leader of the palace coup led by M.A Bah and as soon as he realized that the coup cannot succeed, he rushed to reveal M.A Bah’s plot to APRC.”.

Bakary M A Jaiteh resigned as APRC Administrative Secretary on Tuesday

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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