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Completion of the MOH staff accommodation and construction new water tank and stand

Completion of the MOH Staff Accommodation and Construction of a New Water Tank and Stand FVH is very proud to announce that under its ‘SELF HELP’ initiative on September 5th 2018 did the final inspection of the above at our Pakaliba Soma Rossi Clinic in Jarra, Soma Region. FVH invested above D120,000 to compliment the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Following the visit of the VP Mr. Silvan Metzger in April 2018 with CM Ms.Binta Jobe the Team were very impressed with the maintenance of the clinic by Mr. Buba Jobe the Officer in-Charge Senior Midwive and his Team who were contributing their personal finances to extend their staff accommodation, including contributions also made by the entire Village of Pakaliba. The Swiss Board in lieu of Mosquitoe Nets that is annually distributed there fore decided that as malaria has significantly reduced around the 18 village communities to complete the MOH staff accommodation , build a new water stand & buy them an additional 2000Litres water tank to increase water supply for safe birth deliveries and outpatient care. FVH from 2004 to 2017 have distributed over 5000 mosquitoe nets locally hand made at the Serrekunda Market in the 18 surrounding villages in this area. An MOU was signed with the Ministry of Health and all works were completed within. 1 month. We are very grateful to Dr. Isatou Touray, Hon. Min of Health and team for their tremendous support during the implementation of the project. We are pleased to emphasize that the contractors i.e Carpenter Omar Ceesay, Welderman Lamin Fofana and Camara the Plumber were all sourced from Upcountry ( Rural Area) and what great talent! The Village Elders were delighted by the partnership with FVH and expressed that it is a first of its kind in The Gambia and would encourage more interventions . The CM on behalf of the President of FvH Mr. Christoph Umbricht and Chairman of the FVH steering committee in The Gambia Mr. Charbel Hobeika expressed our gratitude and willingness to work together and implement more projects depending on the availability of funds . FVH also acknowledges the contributions of other Gambian philanthropists Hon. Mama Kandeh in 2017 donated D50,000,Mr. Ebrima Marong built new toilets & showers & completed tiling of a new Laboratory for the ‘ First Time Ever ‘ now can test Diabetes and HBL Levels and Mr. Lamin Darboe a UK based Pakaliba citizen donated hospital beds. We also commend The Commander of The Gambia Armed Forces in Pakaliba, Capt. Baba Galleh Bah for providing the Army Medic in case of medical emergencies and the Station Officer for the Inspector General of Police Mr. Karamo Jammeh provides Security for the Clinic . The inspection was witness by Abdou Karim Darboe a Senior Administrator of the Ministry of Health Regional Directorate who delivered the vote of thanks . FVH also wishes to express our immense gratitude to the Management and Staff of Trust Bank Ltd you are truly our partners in development and ensure that all our transfers are receive we appreciate the excellent customer service and goodwill Njilan Senghore Congratulations to Mr. Ron Smit FVH leader on this project. FVH is non political and religiously neutral organization and will continue to serve the interests of the citizens of the Republic of The Gambia . Binta Jobe Country Manager FVH 

Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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