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Former police inspector Darboe makes case for incarceration of Gunjur environmentalists

Former Inspector of Police Bakary Dembo Darboe makes case for incarceration of Gunjur environmentalists at Brikama Magistrates Court as the “incitement of violence” case continues. The case involving the State against Gunjur environmentalists resumed yesterday at Brikama magistrates court, presided over by Pricicpal Magistrate Omar Cham.

The case, which began at 1pm, heard the testimony of the first prosecution witness Bakary Dembo Darboe who is also the general manager of Golden Lead Import and Export Company located in Gunjur. Accused persons Omar NK Darboe, Ousman Sanneh, Foday Karl Darboe, Lamin Jassey and Alhagie Kaku Bojang are being tried on three counts of “incitement of violence, trespass and destruction of property” in connection with the removal of the Golden Lead waste pipeline discharging factory waste into the sea.

Giving evidence, Bakary Darboe told court that Golden Lead was ordered by the NEA to stop using the waste pipeline to dispose of factory waste into the sea.

According to Mr Darboe, NEA subsequently gave the greenlight for the company to resume using the waste pipelines to dispose their waste as it was deemed harmless.

Questioning the witness, prosecutor Mballow queries: “NEA did not remove the pipe, Mr Darboe can you tell the court what happened to those pipes? Darboe replied: “It was after the approval from the NEA that a group of young people came to the factory with digging equipment and started digging out the pipes. Your worship all those accused persons were actively cooperating in the removal of those pipes forcefully. They failed to give thought to their conscience for the damage. As the general manager of Golden Lead, I told them to stop because Golden Lead is no longer using those pipes. I pointed out the pipe to them that we were using instead.” Prosecutor Mballow further pried: “Mr Darboe tell the court where were those pipes fitted in? Witness: “ from inside of the factory into the beach” Prosecutor Mballow: Mr Darboe tell the court how do they have the access to these pipes?

Witness Dembo Darboe ploughed on: “They have spades and other materials digging and disconnecting them where they were joined from the outside of the factory up to the sea .” Further giving evidence, Mr Darboe indicated that he recognised the first accused person Alhagie Bojang who was instructing the youths to dig out the pipes. Also among the crowd, the witness told the court he recognised the fourth accused person Foday Karl Darboe whom he accused of motivating the youths by buying and giving them bottled water to drink as they carried out the digging of their pipes.

The five (5) activists are charged with THREE counts offence ranging from;

1. Conspiracy to commit a felony, contrary to section 368 of the Criminal Code Cap 10.01 Vol. iii 2. Criminal trespass, contrary to section 285 (A) of the Criminal Code Cap 10.01Vol iii 3. Wilful damage to property, contrary to section 312 (1) of the Criminal Code Cap 10.01 Vol ¡¡¡ Laws of the Gambia 2009.

Golden Lead planting new waste pipes as a Chinese flag is raised

Activists digging out Golden Lead waste pipe at Gunjur Beach

The matter has been adjourned until Monday 16 July at 14:30PM when the Principal Magistrate and the accused persons will be visiting the Golden Lead factory in Gunjur to see for themselves.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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