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Breaking: Yaya Saho to appear in court Monday

The younger brother of vocal environmental activist, Omar A J Saho will appear at Brusubi Magistrates Court on Monday in connection with an incident between the owners of the Golden Lead Factory and their staff. 

Yaya Saho to appear at Brusubi Magistrates Court Monday

About three weeks ago, this medium gattered that an argument broke out between Yaya Saho and the owners of the Golden Lead factory over the visitation of the Chinese owners to his compound to threaten and intimidate his mother and brother’s wife as a result of Omar’s activities speaking against the alleged environmental pollution by the company at Gunjur beach. According to a source close the the family, Yaya Saho works at the beach as a fisherman, and the alledge incident came as a result of the Gunjur six’s planned protest and subsequent arrest incident. Yaya was said to have walked into the premises of Golden Lead company to speak with them about the entering into his home to intimidate his family. According to the source, upon entering and asking for Ba - Nuha Barrow who led the factory owners to his home, one of the Chinese lady shouted the words "F**k You, get out from here” to him. As he was walking out of the premises, the source continued, the said lady asked for the staff to get Yaya arrested for entering their premises. It was during that push and pull that a fight broke out outside the back door of the premises. Yaya somehow managed to leave the area.

According to another source that reached this medium, it was alleged that in the fracas, Yaya Saho attacked one of the Chinese owners with a sledge hammer thereby causing injury. He has been at large since the incident, our source added. Yaya was eventually arrested on Friday 29th June and detained at Brusubi Police Station without bail. 

Yaya will appear before Brusubi Magistrates Court on Monday, 9th July 2018. 

Yaya’s brother, Omar A J Saho is a staunch advocate against the Golden Lead operations at Gunjur Beach. The company is accused of discharging harmful factory wastes into the nearby lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean thereby causing damage to the ecology and aquatic lives. 

Omar who is among the very first environmental activists to raise a red flag in the dangerous operations of the Fish meal processing plant had his family threatened by the owners of the factory if he did not stop speaking against the company on social media. The threat follows his rejection of an offer of $1000 by the owners of the factory to stop his activism against the company. 

Below is a screenshot of conversation between Omar A J Saho and an official of Golden Lead Company

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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