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Gambian president under fire over deaths of protesters

The president of Republic of The Gambia, Adama Barrow, has come under stringent criticism over the shooting dead of unarmed civilians protesting over environmental exploitation. 

Earlier today three protesters have been confirmed dead after paramilitary police allegedly opened fire on them in the course a protest in Faraba village.  

Photo credit: Sate House of The Gambia

A competent source who visited the Brikama Health Centre and confirmed to Gunjur News Online that two people have died as a result of gun shot injuries. A third person is said to be in critical condition and may succumb to his injuries. It is now confirmed that he too has tragically passed away. 

A total of 26 people have sustained injuries including three girls and six(6) personnels of PIU. Our source indicates some of the injured persons have sustained serious and life threatening injuries.

Despite reassurances to the media by the interior minister Saihou Mballow to launch investigations into the macabre event and bring perpetrators to justice, citizens’ outrage continues to mount. Weighing in on the issue, former Gambian journalist now serving in the US army, Nanama Keita lamented:

“From indisciplined civil service where insubordination has become the order of the day to indisciplined, trigger-happy security forces that won’t hesitate to unload live rounds on unarmed protesters, it’s time for meek President Barrow to step up and use the same amount of time and effort he invests in traveling to govern the nation, for three unjustified deaths within just two years of his presidency is about to make murderous Jammeh a good ex-leader in the eyes of many”. Directly addressing president Barrow in a Facebook post, Mama Linguere Sarr observed: 

“We said it before and we will say it again! Urgent reforms are needed in every aspect but most importantly in security, health and communication. President Barrow, Jammeh's tree is rotten to the core, you can't just clip the top! You need to uproot and cut off the branches and root too. You now have a dilemma, it's either you continue with Jammeh's people and get the same results he did or you get serious about your legacy and bring in new hands and minds. Projects are gathering dust in offices of Permanent Secretaries and Director's, while junior staff loyal to Jammeh sabotage at every opportunity. No one respects authority and due to lack of communication, some people are abusing our fragile democracy”. 

Director of Press and Public Relations, Office of the president, State House Amie Bojang-Sissoho expressed her dismay on the shooting incident, and had this to say on the Faraba incident:

“It is with dismay and disappointment to learn about clashes between the some PIU members and some natives of Faraba, which sadly led to lost of lives and injuries. The Office of the President is monitoring the situation and President Barrow is being updated. An investigation has begun to gather facts about what led to the clashes and who authorized the shooting. You will updated as we get more information.”

Commenting further on the incident, Mrs Bojang-Sissoho confirmed the names of the wounded. Her words: 

“Information just in. 

The civilians wounded Sulayman Jammeh, Sainey Sonko, Amadou Nyang Sir Dawda Daffeh, Bubacarr Darboe,Mariama Bah, AbdoulieJobe and Alhagie Camara.  The three PIU wounded are Modou Dem, Alieu Camara and Momodou Jallow.”

The community of Faraba Bantang in the Kombo East district of The Gambia has been locked in a dispute over the continuous sand mining activities of Julakay Construction and Enginerring company who were issued a licence to conduct sand mining in Faraba. The villagers are are concerned about the destruction of their environment and a direct threat to their land used for their livelihoods.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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