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MP vows action, as he decries fish meal factory operating without waste treatment plant

The representative for Bundung at the National Assembly and member of environmental select committee, Bakary Njie, has decried the operation of a fish meal processing factory without a waste treatment plant.

National Assembly Member for Bundung - Bakary Njie

Following visits to Sanyang, Tanji and Gunjur coastal villages which both have fish processing factories amid rising tensions with residents, Mr Njie revealed: “We were in Tanji and Sanyang yesterday, 9th June, 2018. In Sanyang there is a new fish milling factory called Nessim fish factory, but if you think Gunjur is terrible wait for our report on Sanyang. How can a fish milling factory operate without a treatment plant and discharge both its liquid and solid waste which is stinky on our main road to fill potholes and many more?Surely that is not environmentally friendly. This report will be interesting! National Assembly's oversight function is the single most important role for the progress of a country. This is the role of checks and balances. It makes sure that the executive do what they are supposed to do. This is why we want to make sure that business is not as usual in our beloved country The Gambia”. While making a vow to hold those responsible accountable for their actions before the apex law making body of the country, he declared: “We must wake some people up to make them understand business cannot be as usual any more. Those responsible will be invited to come and answer questions at the National Assembly!

Today at the Golden Lead in Gunjur. We tried as much as possible to ask the Chinese their milling process and also find out the impact of their activities to the environment and to the health of the people in Gunjur. They were open to us and answered our questions frankly. We went around the facility to see for ourselves. We still need some information though”.

Members of Parliamentary Select Committee on Environment visiting fish meal plants

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