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Omar Darboe, others invited for questioning in connection with Golden Lead

Omar Diamond Darboe who is a vocal environmental and human rights activist has today been visited by plain clothed CID officers who invited him to follow them for questioning in connection with the removal of the Golden Lead waste pipeline discharging factory waste into the sea.

Omar Darboe insisted that he could not go with the officers since they are not uniformed and eventually was asked to attend Gunjur Police Station at 3pm local time. Speaking to Gunjur News Online on the phone, Mr Darbo confirmed his invitation by the CID of Gunjur Police, as he makes his way to the station. This medium has also gathered that Alhagie Kaku Bojang and Ousman Sanneh have also been invited for questioning by Gunjur Police in connection with the same incident. They have all been charged with three (3) Counts with a D500,000 bail bond with a Gambian surety and a valid Gambian ID card. The Charges are as follows. “(¡) Criminal trespass into someone’s promises (ii) wilful Damages to someone’s property (iii) Conspiracy to Commit Crime.

According to sources close to those questioned today, the three charges levied on them are all denied. The trio were asked to report back to the station at 9am Thursday morning. 

Today’s development follows revelation that Golden Lead officials were seen dropping off some bags of sugar at Gunjur police in what appears to be an attempt to bribe law enforcement officers.  

It could be recalled that some concerned youths in collaboration with Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, removed a waste pipeline linking the Golden Lead Factory to the sea where Fishmeal processing waste was being discharged. 

Dr Amadou Scattered was later invited for questioning in connection with the removal of the waste pipeline. It would appear the CID are still conducting their enquiries into the removal by inviting further people for questioning.

This is a developing story.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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