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Revealed: Business man Alhagie Conteh ordered arrest of activists

Business man Alhagie Conteh allegedly ordered the arrest of activists according to a leading Environmental activist, Ahmed Manjang. This was disclosed in a Facebook Live program by the Biomedical scientist who is a prominent member of the fight against Golden Lead environmental pollution in Gunjur.

Mr Manjang further intimated that the Western region police under the corrupt stewardship of Landing Bojang has been paid by Alhagie Conteh to contain the ground swell of discontent against Chinese environmental destruction in Gunjur. 

The coastal town of Gunjur is in the grip of a crisis with the arrest of youths protesting against Chinese Environmental destruction. Sulayman Bojang, Fanding Chanter Darboe, Buba Kombo Touray, Mbye Nyang, Ebrima Camara and Lamin Jammeh, a US citizen who is currently on vacation in The Gambia were arrested on Sunday. Lamin was allegedly picnicking at the beach when he was picked up and believed to have nothing to do with the planned protest. Could it be that Lamin Jammeh’s arrest was a case of mistaken identity or being in a wrong place at the wrong time? Time will tell.

Buba Kombo Touray, who lives in Italy missed his return flight back to Italy as a result of his arrest for indenting to peacefully protest against the Golden Lead Environmental pollution during his holidays in Gunjur.

The activists including a Gunjur born US citizen were released on bail and are being charged with incitement of crime according to Police PRO, David Kujabi. 

According to environmental activist, Ahmed Manjang, local business man Alhagie Conteh was in Gunjur with para-military officers and oversaw the arrest of the environmental activists before returning to the city where his business is headquartered. 

Alhagie Conteh, who is the local partner of the Chinese Fish meal processing company, Golden Lead is an influential and wealthy businessman in The Gambia. He is believed to have a substantial financial interest in Golden Lead.

Gunjur has been locked in a long-running legal battle with Chinese-owned Golden Lead company over environmental destruction and disposal of toxic waste into the sea.  

The company was first sued by National Environmental Agency for violation of Environmental laws, but the case was settled out of court in a secret deal. A consortium of environmental protection groups then jointly filed a civil suit against Golden Lead at the High Court in Banjul last year for damages to the environment for D20M. However the case which is stalling at the high court offers little hope to the activists due to a possible interference.

Efforts to contact Alhagie Conteh for his reaction to the allegation that he ordered the arrest and detention of the planned protesters were unsuccessful as repeated phone calls to Alhagie were not answered.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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