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Tensions rise, as Activists prepare to demonstrate against Golden Lead

Tensions rise, as Environmental Activists in Gunjur prepare to demonstrate against Golden Lead on Sunday following the laying of new pipelines to discharge factory waste into the sea.

Photo: Golden Lead laying new waste pipelines into the sea at Gunjur beach 

Tensions in the sprawling coastal community of Gunjur have reached stratospheric levels, amid planned demonstrations against a Chinese company accused of environmental destruction.

The Golden Lead has been mired in a long running legal battle with Environmentalists who accused it of disposing “untreated” toxic waste into the sea and environmental destruction. The company was first sued to court by National Environmental Agency, but the case was settled out of court in a secret deal. 

Speaking to this medium, environmental activist Sulayman Bojang declared: “We the concerned youths of Gunjur are hereby informing the general public that on Sunday morning 9 o'clock we are making a peaceful demonstration in Gunjur beach against the destruction of our environment by Golden Lead”. Former Secretary General of National Sports Council and youth activist Besenty Gomez vowed:

“We'll be there. They can jail all of us but not our conscience and patriotism. For the Gambia our homeland ,for a common good for a Gambia ever true guided by justice, peace, love and unity in diversity. May God be with us always. Light over darkness now and forever more. My environment is my life”. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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