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Golden Lead vs Gunjur: Sulayman Jeng calls for suspension of laying of new pipes by President Barrow

IT IS SHAMEFUL Responsible leadership entails boldness, decisiveness, honesty and making informed decisions. Many are downplaying the disheartening Gunjur saga while others are unwittingly passing the buck on the Jammeh regime. True Jammeh has created a lot of mess but the Barrow leadership is elected to correct the mess. The youth of Gunjur have done all they could to engage leaders to resolve the saga amicably to no avail. They had to take it upon themselves to remove the pipes pumping waste and toxic materials into our waters. Who are they protecting from pollution and illness?

Common sense instils when one is tested to choose between a friend and someone else, the friend becomes the choice. But when it comes to oneself against a friend, self overtakes. This makes it harder and difficult to accept our very own leadership we trusted and elected to protect us are selling our souls to the devil. Couple of years down the line when reality of the destruction hits home, probably the Chinese would have packed and gone back enjoying the wealth they made out of us. Then this leadership will be blamed for not having done the right thing. China will never protect a Gambian business at the detriment of its people and environment. Being small and poor do not equate being poor in self-esteem and low in morals. The Wolof has concluded "marr nane su takhe nga nane pootit, su ndoh am meh nga ruz. President Barrow should order the suspension of laying new pipes until a resolution to the saga is reached. Anything less will amount to a woeful abdication of duty. This act of laying out new pipes by Golden Leaf is significantly telling of how our leadership takes us for a ride. Furthermore, it is a symbolic mockery of our sovereignty and freedom as a nation and state. It is about time we show them we are worth our salt, high in self-esteem and morals. 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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