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Kartong Village Development Committee Inaugurated

Kartong Village Dev’t Committee Inaugurated.

Over the weekend, Kartong inaugurated a new VDC in a ceremony well attended by her natives from all over the country. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Buba Kwame Jarju, the chairperson of the committee expressed his joy and appreciation to the people of Kartong. "my committee has a great development blue print for this community which we will kick start soon. We will lay down the foundation stone for a leadership structure that will give the best opportunity for our successors to work effectively”. The VDC was instituted during a joint meeting with community elders, Kabilo heads, Alkali and staff from community development organisation.”

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Abdouraman; manager of Kartong based Al-Atharee Association Gambia Ltd expressed his association’s commitment to work with the newly instituted VDC to help it achieve its goals and grand development plans for the beautiful coastal village of Kartong. "I am fully ready to work with this new VDC on its targeted development areas" Abdouraman concluded. Franco, the managing director of the local NGO ‘Work in Progress’ expresses his organisation’s readiness to join hands with the new VDC to leave Kartong a better off place than they have met it by the time they leave office.

Mariama Chorr Jabang, a female representative from the community applauded the institution of the new VDC and advised her fellow women not to be mere spectators in the efforts to develop the Kartong community but they should actively participate in the development efforts being planned and undertaken by the new VDC “I call on my fellow women folks to join hands with the men to develop Kartong” she appealed.

Dr. Alhagie Touray, a successful medical doctor and a native of Kartong Community called on the assembled youths and community members to be proactive about their desire to develop their homeland "The success of this VDC lies in our hands and the composition of the dedicated and committed VDC members that I have seen here has shown me that they will confidently and boldly move towards achieving the goals they set out to achieve for this village”.

Lt Col James Jatta, a member of advising committee on security matters also called for unity, compassion, ethnic and religious tolerance in the coastal community.

Rev. Father Jumbo Jarju wrapped up the meeting by calling the attention of the youths and Kartong natives to the opportunities and resources within Kartong which it can utilise to develop and sustain itself as a community. "Kartong can be developed with the resources she has, even if she were to gain her own independence." Reverend father Jarju concluded.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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