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Explosion of anger and frustration as Chinese plot communal implosion in Gunjur

There is festering explosion of anger and exasperation among the youths of Gunjur as the Chinese with a sinister motive of sowing the seed dissension, plot to set a brother against a brother. The vicious scheme is aim at dividing the youths so that Golden Lead can continue to deplete our fish stock and destroy our environment by indiscriminate dumping of toxic and obnoxious industrial waste in our backyard. With a twist of irony, Dr Amadou Janneh after championing the destruction of the toxic waste pipe in Gunjur, has been invited by Gunjur police station for questioning. We have information that this intimidation tactic was instigated by the foolhardy Chinese family who own and manage the destructive and callous Golden Lead company who for over two years dump toxic industrial waste into our sea without remorse. The patriotic and courageous youths of Gunjur are ready to defend him at all cost against blatant injustice and persistent intimidation of our people whose crime was to ask the Chinese to sustainably exploit our fish population and manage their toxic industrial waste in accordance with the environmental regulations of the Gambia. The youths are poised to converge on the Police station tomorrow 9am to defend Dr Janneh in the event he is arrested. Chinese have been lying to National Environmental Agency over and over yet nothing came out of it. They fervently stated that there is no discharge of poisonous industrial effluence into sea deliberately deceiving NEA and the people of Gunjur. Their luck and treachery were exposed when the pipe which connect their destructive factory to the sea was exposed by very low tide during brought day light. The youths invited them for a meeting but the Chinese arrogantly refused because they are confident of the backing of the business mogul Alagie Conteh, Dr Isatou Touray, the trade Minister and our indifferent MP, KKB. They just came out to the gate and threaten the youths with prosecution and even physical intervention of Paratroopers. They were given 7days to remove the disgusting pipe failing which, it will be removed by force. By force because it a nuance located in a public place disturbing local swimmers as it emits foul smell which pervert the ambience of the surrounding area. The disgusting foul odour expelled by the wind can sometimes be felt as far as Brikama. The Chinese have a poor environmental records wherever they operate in Africa but not in Europe where they religiously adhere to the laws and regulations. They think bribing local African officials and voracious local surrogates is the cheapest and more profitable way of discharging their environmental responsibilities. It is indeed very sad and troubling that our own brethren are used as mindless and unconscientious vehicles of exploitation of their own Town Gunjur. Last week after the Golden Lead pipe was removed, they embark on a mindless escapade of night dumping of their toxic waste in undisclosed locations under the cover of darkness. They run out of luck and their hired vehicle had a very serious accident in which a Turkish citizen presumably the owner lost his life needlessly under nefarious circumstances. The accident happened after the truck burst its tyres and swerved off the road only to hit a palm tree. An interview with the injured revealed that unfortunate trip was the forth one. They picked the waste from Golden Lead factories and discharged into swampy faroos in a place called “NYAABAADA” on the outskirts of Gunjur. Mr Mamud Barry a Turkish citizen lost his life, Muhammad Biyaye lost both legs, Abdoulie Jamanka and Demba Colley contracted minor injuries. The heartless Chinese did not care to visit them at the hospital. Our MP KKB was elected on a ticket of fighting environmental responsibility and sustainable exploitation however turned against us once he was elected. Instead of being a facilitator, a problem solver and defender of the rights of his constituency, he short-sightedly decided to do the bidding of his master Alagie Conteh. He is no model of an MP with this aloof and askance disposition unknown to the community prior to his election as an MP. According grapevine, Alagie Conteh is the power house behind President Barrow’s youth movement and have taken the mantle of Amadou Samba as chief financier of Barrow enterprise. It was alleged that he was the architect of President Barrow’s visit to Gongo to meet the Gunjur billionaire Alieu Conteh. According to the same grapevine, the meeting went very well and the billionaire gifted many pick-ups to President barrow which were presumably donated to NAMS. I cannot ascertain the truth of these allegations but it may be the a plausible explanation why the court case against Golden Lead is being deliberately dragged to give chance to Golden Lead to operate their heartless but cheap disposal of toxic waste into the sea. Alagie Conteh who originally hailed from Faraba, passed as a very benevolent man in Gunjur and a mere mentioning of his name produce a palpable aura of silence. This man is the pillar of support behind the recalcitrant Golden Lead company and a very astute and influential power broker in Barrow government. As I write this article, a friend called me and to informed that Alagie Conteh still harbour the divisive sentiments of Kundaism; which tragically; divided Gunjur into two competing halves, Karanding and Karaba. He was not very successful in reigniting those old fractures because there is a new generation of youths who refused to be coached into a useless and divisive sectionalism. We are left with a bogus dilemma of adhering to the law while the Chinese are busy poisoning our environment and pillaging our fish stock to satisfy the voracious taste buds of their Chinese compatriots thousands of miles away. This pusillanimous and foolhardy act of naked environmental rape cannot happen in western world and people stand by impotent. They will conspicuously take the law into their own hands and destroy the factory. The environmentalist in France in the town of Bure, in eastern France managed to stop their government from burying a nuclear waste 500m underground in May 2017. On 13th November 2006, hundreds of German anti-nuclear activists tried to prevent a nuclear waste reaching their country after reprocessing from La Hague in France. On 17th November 2016 New Brunswick US, saw unprecedented demonstrations against shale gas exploration and on 30 June 2017, anti-fracking campaigners confronted Cuadrilla shale gas site near Blackpool in UK. It is not a new phenomenon, to stand up for the environment in developed democracies and now that Gambia has become a democracy there should not be barriers to civil protest and actions to prevent the perpetration of dangerous environmental assault by greedy business people whose motivation in this world is to make more money and project unrivalled power and influence. Business moguls blinded by greedy instincts to lead a flamboyant life for themselves and their families is the pinnacle of a diabolic abdication of man’s responsibility to the society. The Chinese understand the psyche of Africans. They know our insatiable desire for money, glory and power so they systematically exploit these vulnerabilities to their benefit. They know African politicians are eccentric and gullible. Who with subtle manipulation or with little inducement can betray, undermine and even kill their own brethren for foreigners with money. A SOLEMN CALL TO OUR YOUTHS Beloveth youths of Gunjur we are far away from you but our unwavering impulse are right there with you, If we were physically there, we will be in the forefront tomorrow, walking with dignity and self respect to stage our solidarity with Dr Janneh. Comrades, you should once against demonstrate your determination to stand for your town with an insurmountable courage and sincere heroism. Remember no one can defend Gunjur against this cowardly and treacherous act of the collaborators except the youths. Your birth place is Gunjur and can’t run away from that, it had summoned its worthy sons to resist the British colonial subjugation in the 18th century, today your people call upon you to resist a new and even more lethal form of subjugation by a modern breed of economic imperialism schemed by Chinese to siphon the natural resources of Africa to develop their country. I am not scared of the consequence of fighting for my Town and if need be I shall go home and stand side by side with Amadou Janneh to demonstrate that he is not alone. Youths of Gunjur, your Town need you to defend it against Chinese intimidation and utter contempt for your parents, their environment which since time immemorial provided livelihood for all Gunjurians. We shall defend it so that it can be preserved for generations to come. Your courage is summoned at this crucial junction to stand up and be counted will full assurance that when the history of Gunjur is rehearsed, you name shall be glorified amongst its worthy sons and daughters. Is there a time "so much will be owed to so few in the annals of Gunjur's history, tomorrow is the opportunity to swim in that glory. Rise up Brethren, rise up to defend justice and kick out the contemptuous Chinese and their surrogates. Conduct yourselves with dignity as law abiding citizen who are aware that the Chinese will one day go and we will be left to resuscitate our flagging relationships undermined by heartless Chinese. GAMBIA GOVERNMENT SILENCE Gambia fervenly need renaissance, a complete mindset reformation to compete in modern world. Complete attitude re-orientation that will ennoble citizens to look at the broad picture in the world stage. That for meaningful development to be ushered in, we need a combined and consolidated effort to change our attitude to work, to our fellow citizens, to our companies and government properties. We should be worthy sons of our land who are determined to replicate the success of countries like Rwanda which has just emerged from the throes of civil unrest but resurged to surpass the Gambia and indeed many other African nations who had enjoyed uninterrupted peace for decade. Now we have the Kigali dream, dream that with honest and committed leaders and a population imbued with developmental mindset can achieve so much in so short a time scale. What changed and what was their secret, folks, my brethren, it is sheer fortitude, commitment, patriotism, a consistent and visionary leadership. I have seen that potential in our current leader president Barrow but I am beginning to doubt whether my prognosis was not skewed. The president should rise up to the occasion and defend the defenceless from callous and voracious business moguls whose interest is profit, profit, profit at the expense of the environment is a dangerous and vexing preoccupation. The government conspiratorial silence is itching patience and flaunting all efforts to find a meaningful solution. To dismiss us as miscreants and maladroits bent on sabotaging its development programme is the height of myopic politics and abdication of responsibility. We need a charismatic leader cleansed from petty and pedestrian considerations as well as tribal deficiencies. We need a leadership who feel what we feel, who listen to our cries, whose worries shall be our worries and we shall be ready to die for the causes he believes in. Not leaders, whose concern for us climax during the election cycle which at best is condescending and exploitative. I am inviting our noble and humble president who we hinge profound hope and expectation that he will not only confer our rights but wipe our hot tears that for long we have been shedding under the yoke of callous dictatorship; to constitute a commission to look into the Gunjur environmental saga and strive to resolve the matter before the burgeoning frustration turn to an ugly insurrection. Mr President the history of Gunjur will not judge you gloriously if you give in to the voracious and insatiable business moguls and their lust for profit at the expense of the environment. The same business moguls ferried Yaya Jammeh to his ignorable exit from power, don’t let them play with your intelligence. 

Lamin Darboe Leicester UK 

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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