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U.S.A Based Gunjurian Famara Demba Cautions KKB Over Golden Lead

As the drama surrounding Golden Lead environmental pollution in Gunjur escalates into a frightening crescendo with the youths taking matters into their own hands to remove the pipes last week, attention has shifted to the Honorable MP of Kombo South Kebba K. Barrow after he labelled the village environmental activists as nothing but “professional government” and “environmental saboteurs” with no “political clout” across Kombo South.

“Power, after all lies squarely with the people in a democratic society. And longevity of no elected office is guaranteed, nor is re-election to such office cast in stone. As such, one must always exercise prudence and humility in their engagement with others in public discourses. Do what's right Mr. Honorable. Stand with the people and help put a stop to this issue.”

In a Facebook post, Nfamara Demba, a USA based Gunjurian commenting on the incendiary comments of the Honourable member of Kombo South, Mr. Demba reminded the MP about the temporary nature of political power and the need to be accountable for the people who voted him to power in the first place Mr. Demba concluded.

Mr Demba made these remarks in response to a earlier posting by environmental activist, Lamin Mbakau Jammeh who expressed disappointment in the comments of MP for Kombo South in an interview with Gainako Radio. MrJammeh had this to say:

“So much disappointment about the interview of the MP of Kombo south district, west coast region. It is unbelievable to hear from the so-called MP that we are not environmentalist, and there was no smell in that area. Let the so called M.P (Kebba K Barrow) know that misleading people will not take him anywhere, it is important to speak the truth to the people you representing, Kombo south is the most environmentally degraded area in the Gambia, all the fish meal factories and the sand mining are in Kombo South, yet our so called MP cannot tell that truth to the national assembly where we expect him to talk about the issues affecting us.”

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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