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Dr Janneh ‘willing to face any charges in defence of community’

Following questioning by Gambian police in Gunjur to “shed light” on the removal of a toxic industrial waste pipe utilised to dispose of toxic industrial waste into the sea by Golden Lead Factory, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh has vowed to continue his fight against injustice regardless of consequences.

“We will be willing to face any charges in defence of our community”, he replied in response to questions about the police possibly bringing charges against him. Further explaining his meeting with the police, Dr Janneh told journalists that the police wanted to know about some issues surrounding Golden Lead and what led to the removal of the waste pipe from the beach as part of their investigations into the matter.

Dr Amadou Janneh with supporters

Asked why he thinks African leaders always turn a deaf ear to their communities when they are faced with these kinds of challenges, Dr Janneh postulated:

“I believe some are taking investments by Chinese companies, grants and loans from the Chinese government as a license to allow them to do anything. But we as a community are saying that we will not allow irresponsible investors. We invite investors because we need the employment, we need the income, but we do not want these at the expense of our health and well-being and we will do everything possible to stop it.” Asked whether he would be willing to take the Golden Lead pollution matter to the ECOWAS court, Dr Janneh indicated a willingness to exhaust local judicial remedies , while revealing that they have already contacted some lawyers in the event the case is not resolved in the Gambian courts. “We already have experience in taking cases to the ECOWAS court as it was the case with former President Yahya Jammeh. So if we believe that we are not getting a fair hearing in The Gambia, we will take the matter to the regional court,” he added.

On what next for the people of Gunjur and the youths in particular, Dr Janneh disclosed that there is a local group on the ground who are monitoring the movement of trucks, paying attention to the pollution and going to the beach.

He concluded:

“If they see anything unusual and the pollution continues we will meet again and see what else we can do”.

Scores of youths in Gunjur gathered at the Gunjur Police station to show solidarity with Dr Amadou Janneh. Also among the crowd was USA based rights activists, Banka Manneh.

Youth activists showing solidarity with Dr Janneh

It could be recalled that Dr Amadou Janneh’s invitation for questioning the the Gambian police follows the removal of the waste pipe that was installed between the sea and the Golden Lead Factory to dispose of industrial waste.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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