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Revealed: Victims recount horrific tale of fatal accident involving Golden Lead contractors

Wreckage of industrial waste disposal truck that crashed in Sambuyang killing one person

The deceased in the accident involving a truck carrying industrial waste has been named as Mamud Barry of Bundung Ka Kunda. The truck was allegedly rendering services for Golden Lead company to dispose of toxic waste in the bushes of Gunjur Sanbuyang when it crashed in the early hours of Saturday 4th March, 2018. According to the statement of the truck driver obtained by this medium from a reliable source, one Sulayman Konteh of Bundung Ka Kunda was at the wheel when the accident occurred and sustained minor injuries. Muhamad Biyaye of Manjai has lost both legs, whilst Abdoulie Jamanka of Bundund Ka Kunda and Demba Kolly of Kitty Village both sustained minor injuries. According to the driver of the truck, on the fateful night of the accident, they had successfully collected and disposed of two truck loads of industrial waste from Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur and a third load was collected from the Kartong factory during which time the fatal accident occurred. Breaking the news of the fatal accident, Lamin Mbakau Jammeh revealed: “A truck carrying industrial waste had an accident at Sanbuyang junction on Saturday morning at 4:00 am. According to people living in that area, there were five people on board, one dead and others sustained serious injuries”.

Wreckage of industrial waste disposal truck that crashed in Sambuyang killing one person Earlier in the week similar trucks of different colours were seen carrying industrial waste for Golden Lead to an unknown destination after concerned youths of Gunjur and Human Rights activist Amadou Scattred Janneh removed waste pipe from the sea.

The removal of the waste pipe from the sea that was linked to the Golden Lead Fish meal processing plant came on the hills of the 7-day ultimatum given to the factory to remove the toxic waste disposal pipeline from the sea or it will be removed by the youths.

This medium tried making contact with the manager of Chinese fish processing factory, Bakary Darboe, to establish any link with the truck involved in the accident without success. 

 The wreckage of the truck involved in a crash (Video courtesy of Lamin Mbakau Jammeh)

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