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Golden Lead Waste Tank Accident In Gunjur - Lamin Darboe

On Thursday 23rd March 2018, the people of Gunjur made good their threat and destroyed the waste pipe that discharge industrial waste from the Chinese factory to the sea. The youths in full gaze of the security services took spades and forks and uprooted the pipe with sheer courage and determination. Now that the evil and dangerous pipe is gone, Chinese resort to night discharge journeys. At the depth of the night, they arrange for their waste disposal team to dump the dangerous fish manufacturing waste in various locations hidden from public view. Yesterday the nefarious act of systematic and organised destruction of Gunjur's environment under the full view of our politicians and under the coaching and support of Mr Conteh and his cousin. No one know exactly what substances are in this industrial waste and the danger it pose to people and the ecosystem. Our Local Micro- Biologist, Ahmed Manjang in Saudi Arabia suspected it may contain industrial chemicals they are used in extraction and manufacturing of fish oil. He opined that the most likely chemicals are dioxins which can cause cancer if consumed by humans directly or indirectly. Dioxins have been used in Vietnam war to devastating effect and its effects are still pronounced in that country, causing birth defects and incurable cancers. Dioxins are extremely dangerous and can easily enter the subcutaneous membranes of both humans and animals. It can enter the food chain to a devastating effect in the short and long term. It can enter the ecosystem and proliferate through the food chain until it reaches humans at the top of the pyramid of the food chain. Slowly they are destroying our environment and endangering our life and all attempts to engage the government and our politicians failed. Our MP Kebba K Barrow disown us and dismissed us as saboteurs but this accident is a clear manifestation of the truth of our claim. We helped this current government to stop a callous dictatorship under whose gaze this factory was constructed on the beach overlooking the sea. It was located on a misappropriated land without proper environmental feasibility studies in contravention of the country's environmental regulations. The new government also neglect Gunjur's concernes because it had allegedly got massive finacial support from Mr Conteh, one of the alleged benefactors of this dangerous and environmental dinosaurs called Golden Lead. Why President Barrow forsake his custodial responsibilty he solemnly swore to, when he took the mantle of power especially when it come to Gunjur's environmental destruction. Why our support was rewarded with disdain and political ambivalence. Why Dr Isatou Touray and Mr Conteh scheme against the people of Gunjur to mortgage our environment to the Chinese. The Chinses take our fish away and send it china without paying taxes to the country and without investing in any socially responsible scheme to rehabilitate the roads or restore the environment. We are appealing to the government, we are appealing President Barrow, we are appealing Lawyer Darboe, we are appealing Omar Jallow to come to our rescue and take this environmental menace off our yard. We supported the government but they neglected our plight. It is reported that the dangerous waste was spilled near a madarassa school forcing the pupils to abandon their school and the nearby mosque was closed temporarily. This cannot contunue and if no action is taken, sooner or later the people will take action by force and we don't want lawlessness to be associated with the people of Gunjur so kill the fitna before it is too late. Thanks Lamin Darboe Leicester

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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