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D-day for Gunjur as ultimatum to Chinese company expires tomorrow, amid ominous warning

The festering environmental crisis between Gunjur and Chinese-owned Golden Lead Fish meal processing factory has reached a frightening crescendo, with the 7-day ultimatum expiring tomorrow.  

Gunjur youths confronting Golden Lead officials about the waste pipeline

Writing on his Facebook page, the former minister and human rights activist issued a chilling warning: “Here's a promise: if the pipe that is pumping waste into the sea at Gunjur Beach isn't removed by Golden Lead by the deadline issued to the company, I will personally dismantle it and face any consequence. We will be acting within the law to remove a pipe erected in the public domain by a private entity at the detriment of our community. Yes, we know about diplomacy, litigation, mediation, etc. and continue to employ them as well”.

The comments followed warning by a group of concerned youths who issued an ultimatum to Golden Lead to remove the waste pipe into the sea and come up with a solution for the “offensive odour” in seven days, failing which they will execute the task on their own. In his latest posting on Facebook, former minister and human rights activist, Amadou Scattred Janneh admonished while indicating fidelity to his vow to remove the pipe from the sea: “Two days to the deadline given to Golden Lead factory. All individuals & groups that are concerned about environmental justice invited to GUNJUR Beach on Thursday at 5:30pm”

In a related development, this medium has learnt that officials of the National Environmental Agency(NEA) have indicated that they are/have conducted an investigation into the waste pipeline and that the youth group should not remove the waste pipeline as the removal will be carried out by NEA officials themselves. The NEA has also indicated that Golden Lead also began erecting a structure believed to be a waste treatment plant without the agency’s approval.

However, the youths and concerned environmental activists have dismissed NEA’s latest pledge that they will remove the waste pipe as mere propaganda and delaying tactics. The youths are determined that if the waste pipeline is not removed by the appointed time, they will carry out their promise of removing it.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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