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Momodou Charreh Jibba vows: Golden Lead pollution issue will not be ignored

The UDP nominated councillor for Gunjur Ward, Momodou Charreh Jibba, has pledged to address the issue of environmental degradation involving a Chinese company when he is elected.

Golden Lead fish meal processing company is at the centre of a legal battle with the coastal town of Gunjur for allege environmental degradation.

The company was first sued by the National Environmental Agency for failure to follow the local environmental laws, but the matter was quickly settled out of court in a secret deal between the parties. Aggrieved by the continued pollution, members of the community filed a civil suit at the High Court in Banjul which is going through the judicial system, albeit at a very slow pace.

Quizzed by this medium about his stance on the environmental pollution issue, Mr Jibba said: “The issue of the environment with a particular emphasis on the Golden Lead is a challenge like any other challenges in the ward. I do not want to be portrayed as a witch Hunter, but I would like to make it clear to everyone that the problems of the ward are my problems. It is a noble challenge that I am mentally prepared to face. I do not jump and run away from the issues but I face them to find solutions, likewise I don't jump into issues blindly. Therefore I intend to conduct a thorough case study of this matter which shall involve all the authorities and other stakeholders. The results or findings would perhaps determine the strategy or course of direction. This matter and any other matters will not be ignored but I strongly believe in the due processes and procedures with humility and respect”.

Further asked about the belief in some quarters that he won’t represent the interest of the electorates when he assumes office, Mr Jibba laments:

“They may have their reasons as they are entitled to their opinions, but as a matter of fact I want to tell EVERYONE that I have a proven track record on representing Gunjur to show that I have stood up for the community especially the most active and dynamic youth populace. Take my records of representation and make your equations to find how I love and care for the advancement of my community. I do not intend to hurt anyone but honestly I have less time to criticize other pessimists but rather more time to improve myself. I need to learn more about other areas and try to do my best contributions therein. Be rest assured that I am not a mere spectator but a full time actor, and humility, modesty and respect is key in my mode of operation”.

On what are his priority areas and what plans does he have for Gunjur as councillor, the popular “Munch” had this to say:

“My immediate focus would be on reconciliation alongside capacity building and/or civic education with a view to create more awareness and understanding. Practical steps would be taken to address the challenges facing our community which shall involve all the authories like the Hon MP, the Chief, the Alkali and council of elders. We would collectively have a case study of all the issues and possibly map out a strategy to ameliorate the situation on the environment, women's affairs and the youths. Every concern of the community is my utmost concern, and I will always take up the challenge to serve my people to the best of my abilities”.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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