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Gunjur on the brink of crisis,as Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh issues dire warning

The festering environmental crisis between Gunjur and Chinese-owned Golden Lead Fish meal processing factory has reached a frightening crescendo, with the issuance of an ultimatum by concerned youths and a promise by Amadou Scattred Janneh to remove a waste pipeline into the sea for disposing of factory waste.

Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh

Writing on his Facebook page, the former Information Minister and Human Rights activist issued a chilling warning: “Here's a promise: if the pipe that is pumping waste into the sea at Gunjur Beach isn't removed by Golden Lead by the deadline issued to the company, I will personally dismantle it and face any consequence. We will be acting within the law to remove a pipe erected in the public domain by a private entity at the detriment of our community. Yes, we know about diplomacy, litigation, mediation, etc. and continue to employ them as well”. The deadline expires on Wednesday March 21st, 2018.

Dr Janneh further went on to say this:

“If the pipe is removed, we will celebrate with a general clean up of the area. If it's not removed, we will dismantle it on Thursday at 5:30pm” Theses comments followed a warning by a group of concerned youths who issued an ultimatum to Golden Lead to remove the waste pipe into the sea and come up with a solution for the “offensive odour” in seven days, failing which they will execute the task on their own.

The youths talking to Golden Lead

Lamin Touray a UK-based Gunjurian suggested that the local politicians are sitting on their hands with regards to the issue due to corruption. His words: “Go on Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh. We're with you all the way. Always standing up against injustice. The destruction and pollution of our environment by greedy Chinese investors and their lobbyists must stop. Our politicians are on the payroll of the Chinese businesses”. Also weighing in on the issue, former banker now based in Taiwan and USA ,Abubakar Jammeh offered a searing indictment on the deafening silence of the National Assembly member for Gunjur on the environmental destruction of his constituency: “KKB doesn’t seem to care about our welfare. We should punish any politician who won’t care about us no matter who they are or their family connections with us. Until all these selfish politicians face the consequences of their actions or lack of it, they will continue to take us for granted. China will always pursue their checkbook diplomacy without any form of accountability making our officials corrupt at our expense”.

Factory waste pipeline into the sea

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