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PROFILE: Introducing Adama Touray,  a Professor in the making

Photo: Adama Touray When we celebrate our Gunjur women in academics, she is one of the few names that pop up, Adama Touray, commonly known as 'Manding' was born and raised in the coastal village of Gunjur. Being born in a predominantly Muslim community, Adama's early education started at a local home school setting called ‘Dara or Karanta’ in the local language where she was taught the Arabic alphabets and verses from the Quran to be able to observe her Salah (prayers) as prescribed by the Holy Quran. She is the second born of the many children her parents have had, and knowing the importance and responsibilities that come along with holding an elderly position in a family, she started showing signs of leadership and serve as a role model to not only her siblings but also to her mates in the village. This has been clearly manifested through her roles at both home and school. The accademic excellence and good leadership qualities noticed in her both in and outside the classroom at a very tender age, has earned her the opportunity to serve as Head girl of her school- Gunjur Upper Basic. While serving in that leadership position, she took part in series of school activities including drama and debate competitions in and outside of the school on different platforms raising the flag of the school through her exceptional performances. If there is a word that justifiably describes Adama, It is “Talented’ In contrast to most of the girls in her community; Adama soared through the hurdles and maintained a balance between her education and social life. She was able to overcome the temptations and other side attractions that have sadly ruined the lives of many girls in the village. Her exemplary leadership further cemented with her excellence in academics consequently produced an exceptional result in the final GABECE exam where she tops the school with the best result. The looming intellectual proceeded to Nusrat Senior Secondary more determined than ever to perform satisfactorily and she did as expected of her. While in Nusrat, Adama continue to display her excellent leadership qualities that attracted the school administration to appoint her as Head girl of the school. . At the end of the three (3) years, she produced results that earned her admission into the University of The Gambia where she graduated with honours’ Magna cum laude’ ' in economics and Finance. She later became a graduate assistant at UTG prior to her travel to Mauritius where she bagged a Masters degree in economics. Adama is back at the Gambia University as an Assistant lecturer of economic related courses. In her own words: “I can’t say I have accomplished a lot when it comes to academics as my highest level of education is masters while my objective is to be a professor. I have already got admission for PhD in Canada but working on getting a scholarship’’ Shortly before she returned to The Gambia sometime last year... She announced on Facebook the matrimony with the love of her life who happens to be a master's degree holder himself. The two are happily married and pursuing bigger dreams in life.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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