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New Kombo South Chief touts crusade against injustice, illegal land dealings

Chief Lamin S Darboe

The Chief of Kombo South District, Lamin S. Darboe, has declared his commitment to the cause of justice and fairness in the dispensation of his duties.

While speaking to @Gunjur - The Voice of Dabanani's Europe Editor Alieu Mourinho Jabang in his maiden media encounter after his reinstatement, he elucidated: "All Kombo southerners can be assured of justice without fear, favour, affection or ill will. There will be no favouritism or nepotism in my tribunal. As the head of the tribunal, it will be my cardinal responsibility to ensure that justice is done. I will start to preside over cases .I got information from the court Clerk that there are about 50 pending cases that have not reached judgement stage yet.This is a headache to me. I only ask for Allah's intervention (help) because it's an enormous task". Even as he expressed determination to clear the backlog of cases inherited from his successor, he encouraged the idea of dispute resolution, saying: "Last week, I convened a district meeting with the Alkalos where I informed them that the cases will be sent back to them in their respective villages to review and find solutions out of court with their council of elders. This will reduce the number of cases to preside over. It will also help to foster unity and understanding within the affected parties as opposed to a court. We don't want to encourage people to be coming to the tribunal. Taking your neighbour, your friend or a family member to the tribunal will keep that hostility between you and remain there for quite a long time. We want to encourage good neighbourliness, peace and tranquillity and love within the district. I prefer cases being settled out of court for reconciliation. In the event that the Alkalos cannot resolve some of the issues, they can bring them back to me and with the help of Allah and the tribunal, we will go over them."

West Coast Region, especially Kombo South, he decried, is plagued with land disputes between individuals and families which he will endeavor to rout. The spate of illegal land dealings will soon be history in Kombo South, he vowed.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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