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Breaking News: Golden Lead continues to dish out money to buy support

Gunjur Sports Committee (GSC) has confirmed that Golden Lead Fishmeal Company has pledged a sum of D166,000 towards the perimeter fencing of the Nyamina football field. A press release from the office of the PRO of GSC, said the Golden Lead money will go towards the total projected cost of D241,000, of which Green Vision Real Estate company has also pledged to provide the sum of D175,000. The release further indicated that construction work at the football grounds will commence in earnest.

It could be recalled that this medium earlier reported that it has got information that Golden Lead Company and its partners have pledged to develop the Nyamina Football Grounds with a view to garner support within the youth population widely seen as the group likely to resist and campaign against the substantial environmental degradation the company stands accused of. This latest move is seen as another ploy to bribe and divert attention from the legal action filed against the company.

The Chinese owned company is due back in court on October 25th.This latest news regarding the sponsorship of the perimeter fencing of the Nyamina Football park is widely seen by environmental activists as further proof that the company is determined to bribe its way out of the current quagmire while ravaging the environment at the same time.

Writing on social media, Balla Musa Touray, youth advocate and a member of the Gunjur Development Association (GDA) rejected this latest move and had this to say:

 "Golden Lead is out to corrupt our society and destroy our environment. I ask their surrogates: what happen to moral and human dignity of Gunjurians? Are these important social qualities comparable to the temporal benefits GL is pretending to offer?? The truth will prevail, they can roof the entire town of Gunjur if they so desire, but if they don't put their acts together, GDA will not relent on our pursuit to make Gunjur better for our generations to come."

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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