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FOOTBALL: GSC No.2 Set The Records Straight

Momodou Charreh Jibba

Photo: Mr. Momodou Charreh Jibba

The 1st Vice President of Gunjur Sport Committee (GSC), Mr. Momodou Charreh Jibba has thrown some light on the most talked about GSC congress were his committee was accused of maladministration and embezzlement. Speaking in an interview with our indefatigable Editor Jabang, Mr. Jibba admitted that there were some errors on the side of his committee but added that the aggrieved team delegates were renewing their failed attempt to dissolve the GSC. "Of course, I have to be honest that there were many errors administratively and technically. The main problems with some delegates were very clear. The team that served a 2 year suspension still has a fine of D3000 to settle before they take part. Another team was fined up to D5000 which must be paid before they can take part. The 3rd team was also unhappy with GSC because they were fined as a result of attacking the officials and breaking the substitution board," he stated. According Monch as fondly called by peers, the treasurer has done extremely well to give out the breakdowns of most of the expenditures. GSC, he said are directly responsible for the management and running of the 'Nawettaan' in its entirety but on the other hand disburses funds to sub committees such as the Zonal committee and the management of Gunjur United FC Jibba explains that this year, GSC disbursed ninety D90,000). thousand to Gunjur Utd FC. He said the zonal committee always make request to the treasury for their activities. However,these people he said are human beings and are bound to make errors. "Honestly Some of the expenses were too high but that could be understood in view of the circumstances surrounding the competition. Administratively there were huge challenges and lapses which one can admit but the issues behind the scene or the sinister motives within some teams have overridden by their emotions," he stated.

Photo: Delegates at the GSC Congress

In Mr. Jibba's own words " The reasons why the coup plotters are still determined to strike are quite obvious. Santos served a 2 year suspension and are supposed to pay a fine of D3000. Halifax was fined D3000 and it was paid. Alex sanchaba was fined and suspended but later after some meetings the fine and ban was lifted. Sunderland has a fine of D5000 to settle. The only solution to get out this mess is to strike and dissolve the GSC. " Mr Jibba continued, "I can testify that they were rightly punished although GSC on the other hand made series of biased decisions and administrative blunders. I will not go in detail here to tell you how those decisions were unfairly made. I will accept myself to be included as long as I could not block those decisions as a result of voting. The fee for a failed appeal was refunded to the RED STARS FC. (That's wrong). Halifax goalkeeper was barred from the competition after playing two games.(that's wrong)." When quizzed as to whether they are willing and ready to quit from office, Mr. Jibba responded; "GSC has no problems to quit when these three aggrieved teams convinced the other teams. We were ushered in by the majority and if the same majority do not need our service, we must go. This is where we are and we know that Gunjur is bigger than all of us. We are not the least distracted by the noise makers representing the 3 aggrieved teams. If they convinced their colleagues, we will go. Thanks , this is my thought."

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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