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Gunjur Gimindari Youths On Road Rehabilitation, Others

Being conscious of the fact that the government cannot do it all alone, Gimindari Youths Association, a local youth group in Gunjur embarked on a massive road rehabilitation exercise to create easy access for commuters .

Speaking to @Gunjur - The Voice Of Dabanani, Mr. Omar Manjang, Acting President cum Public Relations Officer of the association expressed his delight in the way the people responded to their call. "It's always great and refreshing to see people positively responding to positive calls towards community development, " Mr. Manjang expressed. According to the 25 year old who is also the mastermind of the association, the membership includes male and females mainly from the same area ranging from 12 to 40 years.

Photo: Gimindar Youths Road Rehabilitation

Manjang explains that as youths, they have a pivotal role to play in the development agendas of not only Gunjur but the Gambia and Africa at large. "The government cannot do it all alone, but with some little support and contributions from the youths who form 60% of the population, alot could be achieved, " he maintained. The inspiring youth leader further explains their next plan of action in creating study classes for students across the board from nursery to the Senior Secondary Schools during the course of the school holidays. "We will take advantage of our able members who are trained in various levels of teaching to pertake in free holiday classes to our young ones. "From our midst, there are University graduates, HTC,PTC and ECDs holders who can teach any area in our education curriculum, he stated. He said they have plans also to engage their members on small scale businesses to reduce unemployment. They will also be embarking on series of sensitisation programs effective from September to educate the youths on negative social vices into higher moral standards in the interest of the community. Mr. Kalilu Bojang Vice President No.2 of the association called on philanthropists within and outside the country especially Gunjurians living abroad to help them materially or financially in order for them to purchase working materials like wheelbarrows, rakes, spades, cutlasses etc. These he said, will encourage and smoothen their undertakings as far as community development is concern. He thanked those who gave them a helping hand during the road rehabilitation exercise and stress their readiness to serve more in the coming weeks and months.


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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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