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GUNJUR: Breaking: A Potential Communal Civil Unrest Looming In Gunjur

By Alieu Mourinho Jabang

Information reaching this medium has it that the Manjago community in the suburbs of Gunjur has had a fracas with the Barrow clans of Gunjur today over a piece of land they both claimed to have owned. According to our sources, the said plot belong to one Sidou Barrow of Gunjur Barrow Kunda who purchased the plot from the Jabang clans of Gunjur many years ago. The Manjago community at the time were in dare need of a cemetery and have appealed to the Barrows for a plot of land to use as a cemetery. This request was granted and the Manjago community was allocated a piece of land to be used as their cemetery. However, the Manjago community didn't take the offer of a burial place from the Barrow clan claiming that the place is frequented by ghosts.

"They claimed to have seen ghosts after every burial at the site," revealed our source.

Paramilitary officers on the scene

According to an eye witness, today's clashes came as a result of an attempt by the Manjago community to bury a second dead body in Barrow's already fenced plot. When Mr Barrow was alerted about the situation, he went there to stop them from burying the body in his fenced plot of land. According to eye witness account, this resulted into lots of brouhaha full of abusive languages, matchets and other local weapins which prompted the coming of the Regional Governor to attempt to settle the dispute. However, after the Governor left without resolving the issue, a group of paramilitary officers arrived at the scene and alledgedly gave the green light for the burial at the disputed site.

Freshly dug grave at Mr Barrow's plot

As a result of the burial taking place, tempers then flared again until the tension was eventually brought under control. According to sources, there were injuries sustained on both sides, although not life threatening. We hope that both sides will exercise maximum restrain and allow the natural course of justice to prevail.

Efforts were made to reach both sides of the camp by this medium to no avail before penning the story. We will continue to monitor the situation.

It is hoped that the relevant authorities in The Gambia take decisive action to address this situation from further escalation. Editor's note : As sensitive as it looks, this medium will follow this case untill the end to provide our readers with the full details of the story. This is a developing story.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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