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BUSINESS: Babucarr E. Camara,Founder Best Choice Poultry Farm

Babucarr E. Camara

Interview with Babucarr E Camara (Founder, Best Choice Poultry Farm)

While most of his age mates are busy going through the Mediterranean to Europe in search of greener pastures, Baboucarr is making a name for himself by becoming the only young poultry farmer in his community.

He has gone against all odds to establish himself as a home-grown entrepreneur in spite of the economic conditions of the country and the numerous uncertainties able-bodied men are faced with daily.

Babucarr doesn’t only strive to live a better and independent life, he has led several youth initiatives aimed at empowering the youths of his community and beyond.

For Babucarr, where there is a will, there is a way.

Enjoy our chat with this remarkable young entrepreneur cum youth activist.

@Gunjur: Who is Babucarr Camara

B.C: I am a young Gambian based in Gunjur,Kombo South District, West Coast Region. I did my primary education in Gunjur lower basic school in the year 2002 and completed my senior level at Nusrat Senior secondary school in 2013 as a commerce student. I proceeded to college of professional studies where I did business management and admin and then to Nigeria where I studied poultry and hatches management and upon my arrival from that educative journey I then started poultry farming in march, 2016 with 33 chicks and then expand to 65 and we thank Allah for the strength that we are growing bit by bit.

@Gunjur: There are other areas you can venture into, why a poultry farm?

B.C: During my studies in Nigeria, I have learned a lot from the young people who own and manage their own businesses ranging from gardening to poultry farming. This and many other factors has actually motivated me a lot in doing something in my country the Gambia. However, one of the things that I concluded with is to set up my own poultry farm which was difficult at the start but we thank Allah that we are still moving. Poultry farming is a noble job as doing it will actually gain you a dual reward that is financial and Godly reward for you are feeding the society with halal food. Showing others how to use simple technologies and doing this great work is part of our activities as sharing is part of me.

@Gunjur: How lucrative is poultry business?

B.C: Holding all other factors constant, poultry farming is a very lucrative business and worth investing in that is if you have the know-how. I will not actually say how much return I do make from the sales I make per cycle but I can say it‘s a good business.

@Gunjur: Do you face challenges in your daily operations?

B.C: Life without challenges is really meaningless, we therefore, face a whole lot of challenges in our daily transactions. Feeding is very expensive so the cost of production is expected to be high and this will eventually reflect on the selling price which will in turn disturb the customers. Housing and access to modern poultry equipment are our major challenges. However,plans are put in place to see that all these challenges become a thing of the past. We call on the philanthropists to come to our aid in making our dreams achievable.

@Gunjur: What is the Ultimate goal you wish to achieve from this venture?

B.C: Best choice poultry farm wish to be the leading poultry farm in the area when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, with expansion and an increase in the profit margin we equally wish to employ more young people in the area in tackling the problem of underemployment and unemployment which will reduce the rate of dependency and promote self-reliance. Best choice believe this will complement the effort of the government in building a better Gambia for all, were other countries will emulate us in terms of entrepreneurial development.

@Gunjur: What is your message to the Gunjur and Gambian youths at large reading your story?

B.C: We should all try as youth to be job creators rather than being job seekers. Youths need empowerment but when empowered we should be ready to embrace it and be willing to be responsible entrepreneurs as entrepreneurship is the key and a way to live a honourable life. This will shift one‘s attention from irregular migration.We need empowerment as youths I repeat again and again as we are ready to make changes in our new Gambia.

@Gunjur: If There is anything you have learned about life that has made you a better person, what is it?

B.C: Patience, perseverance and the ability to network are the things that help me a lot in life. As the saying goes,‘‘ The patient dog eats the fattest bone‘‘

@Gunjur: Thank you very much for giving us this interview and we wish you every success in your venture.

Editor’s Note:

Baboucarr Camara can be reached as follows:

WhatsApp +220 3101932


Facebook: Babucarr Ebrahim Camara)

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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