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EDITORIAL: Gunjur musters strength for new fight, after Jammeh dictatorship

The sprawling coastal town of Gunjur has been in the grip of the most devastating environmental disaster in its history;which threatens the livelihoods of thousands of people. This has galvanized the residents of Gunjur to engage in constructive efforts to find a solution that will preserve its environment and marine resources for the current generation and those yet unborn. As the people wage this epic fight against the onslaught of Golden Lead, a Chinese company substantially proved to be behind this major environmental catastrophe;the man who supposed to be their voice at the seat of government, Hon. Kebba K Barrow ,has remained deafeningly silent. Predictably, rumours are swirling that he is beholden to the capitalist interest of a multi-millionaire local businessman Alhagie Conteh who is said to be a shareholder in the company. Of even more concern is the revelation by insiders that Alhagie Conteh was a major contributor to his triumph in the recent National Assembly elections . Amid protests by locals , Golden Lead earlier denied it was responsible for the environmental damage in a legal tussle with the country's environmental agency only to later settle outside of court. All this was done without consulting the affected community of Gunjur. And without a word of concern from Kebba K Barrow which has left people deeply disappointed. It's the considered view of @Gunjur -The Voice of Dabanani that our representative, Hon. Kebba K Barrow should be held accountable for neglecting to amplify the concerns of his constituents with a view to finding lasting solutions. We take this opportunity to call on the government to promulgate legislation that ensures transparency and accountability by mandating politicians to declare assets source of campaign funds . The people of Gunjur deserves better.

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Copyright: 2017 - 2022 | GunjurOnline™
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