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UTG: Sabally faults Barrow in university sex scandal

President Barrow has created moral hazard by enabling mandarins in his government in the face of sex scandals.

Momodou Sabally blames President Barrow for the UTG “sex and money for grades” scandal

Speaking in an interview with Kerr Fatou, Sabally deplored the poor state of the university due to pervasive treasury parsimony. His words:

“Talking about communication, who is the vice chancellor of the University of The Gambia?Have we ever seen him talk to Gambians in any public space. If you showed me his picture, I wouldn’t recognize him.

The university, and I take it back to Barrow, because he is the chancellor. He is the president of the Republic. We have a public university struggling to get cash power to light up the classrooms”.

Twisting the knife in a passionate condemnation of the coarsening of culture in the corridors of power, Sabally charged:

“President Barrow knows that even at State House top officials have been involved in sex scandals. What does he do? He goes and takes photo ops with them to show them it’s okay. I’m glad there’s investigation. I hope it will not just be like Faraba commission report.”


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